Subject Line: Network Marketers Have 60 Seconds To Add A Comment.

I just returned from being away for a long weekend and found 530+ email messages in my Inbox. Without spending the time sifting through them I would estimate that more that 75% were from network marketing spammers.

One actually caught my eye that said: “My Network Marketing Opportunity Is To Die For.” Oh, yeah? If that was the case, how are you still alive to spam me. Besides, I am really not ready to die over your opportunity or of natural causes for that matter.

Another one had the catchy headline: “I Never Do This But I Have To Share My Huge Profits With You.” Who said that there were no generous people in the world. Imagine, I get a portion of huge mlm profits simply by signing up under this person who “never” does this. Ah, America. Land of the free.

I honestly did not know that videos, as we know them, are over. How do I know? An email is awaiting my “immediate attention”: “Dear Friend, Network Marketing Videos Are History”. Well, I will pass the word on that one and encourage all we MLMers to pull down our YouTube videos because this networker has brought the video era to an abrupt close.

An obvious control freak network marketer instructs me to: “Open This Today Or This Opportunity Will Be Gone”. Shucks, that was last Friday and today being Monday, I missed another one. (Wait ‘til I show my wife. I knew we should not have gone away having missed this BIG ONE.)

Here is an expectation lowering email: “Are There Five Figures Waiting For You?” Just five? I was shooting for something a tad higher like 6 or 7 figures. But, what the heck, may as well drop what I am currently doing and join you because your five figure offer is the best we can achieve I guess.

All of these lines came from the subject line from network marketers hoping to get my attention. And, to be honest with you, they did get my attention for the Nano-second it took me to hit delete.

If we want to get attention from sending out spam emails, get creative. Use a subject line with “You’re Fired”. Then let the opening line of your email go something like this: “You can tell your boss ‘You’re Fired’ after you join with…ya-da-ya-da-ya-da.” That’s if spamming is your thing.

In my opinion, spamming will not get you any new recruits. I feel that spamming will have a negative effect on YOU. Trust me, one spam email and you are remembered forever. (Of course you can change your from to “Urgent Update” or “Admin” and hopefully get your email opened. It still will not be.)

Forget the trite subject lines, attract people to you that genuinely want to hear what you have to say. Let them get excited when they see an email from YOU. Even if you are building your email list one network marketer at a time.

I told you as part of the sample subject line in the above headline that you had 60 seconds to add your comment. Since you did not act within that time, I am going to have to move my comment opportunity to someone else. (Lighten up, that’s a joke.)


Andy has been a network marketer for 20 years. Of late, he has focused on training other network marketers over the internet. For more of Andy's network marketing articles and training videos visit:

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