Thanks For Accepting My Facebook Friend Request, Now Accept My New Business Opportunity. Did You Hear Me? Do It NOW.

It never ceases to amaze me. The first contact I have ever had from this person was this email (I intentionally reprinted it EXACTLY as I received it, I will explain below): It never ceases to amaze me. The first contact I have ever had from this person was this email (I intentionally reprinted it EXACTLY as I received it, I will explain below): I attached you link on spouken presentation in english (pdf + sound). Please, check it. Realy big oportunity, which will come to peoples 1 in life.. (not blaming) New Brand - mix of Facebook, Skype, Youtube, OnlineBank /Mastercard from Towah/, Education, Webschop, Investments, Poker, Fun and more.. Tommorow I will get back to you if you like it and you are interesting and I can answer you some questions or no. If no, no problem, I will be let you. Just notice - you can start for free, but it will take much more time to get level earn realy moneys and U will not get some bonusies..It will be spread faster like twitter - in Europe already start.. the "sister" company is Unaico in Asia - diferent marketing bonusys, but at the global profit are taking togetter - and we know, that Asian love gambling - poker and Enigro bought side... it´s mean there are realy big investors and dont build up company from shareholders money...Check and we will talk. Have a nice morning, day, evening and still nice smiling and positive like on picture :) U can use SiteTalk for promotion your other bussiness. There is possibility for signing up for free too, and you can collect points till the time you upgrade, but you will loose some bonusys...Best Regards

First, in reprinting the above email exactly as I received it is not meant to find fault with the person who sent it insofar as their grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. But for Pete's sake, I do not have a clue who you are or for that matter why I am so blessed to having been selected to participate in this breathtaking opportunity. Is it because you feel sorry for we follicularly challenged guys and want to gives us a shot at all those bonuses?

Second, I am completely clueless as to what you are promoting. Is it network marketing? An mlm? Some kind of gambling deal because "we know, that Asian love gambling".

Third, so much for relationship building before sharing some sort of opportunity with me. Although I have to admit that this person has graciously given me until tomorrow to jump on this once in a lifetime opportunity...whatever that opportunity might be.

Fourth, I can start for free which definitely shows an element of sincere kindness. HOWEVER, if you do start for free don't think you're going to get all the bonuses (no free lunch here, words).

I have never heard this process explained so simply - yet effectively - than one of the most street smart, successful online network marketers I know, Cedrick Harris. Paraphrasing his words, asking someone to join your network marketing business opportunity in your first contact with that person is like you asked your wife to marry you on your first date. Our wives would have looked at us as though we had just gotten off the clown car from some asylum. Should we look at these emailers the same way?

Bottom line, networkers: romance your prospect, build a relationship before asking them to take a stroll with you down your Business Opportunity Lane.


Andy has been a network marketer for 20 years. Of late, he has focused on training other network marketers over the internet. For more of Andy's network marketing articles and training videos visit:

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