This Network Marketing Closing Technique Is So Simple, So Effective It Should Almost Be Banned

Have prospects not joined your network marketing opportunity because right at the last moment you were unable to seal the deal? I know this has happened to me a number of times.

We work extremely hard to get a prospect in front of our business presentation be it online or in person.

After this we do our follow up call(s) and confidently answer their questions. Still the new recruit does not sign up to become one of our team members.

There are a few reasons for this.

Even though we tend to take it personally, this is the wrong mindset for us to get into. The timing may have been off for this person. He/she may have talked the business over with a friend or co-worker who made a convincing argument that “all those network marketing things are a scam”. Or, they may not have the money at this time.

Another major obstacle that I found was a credibility obstacle. Especially to family and friends. In my case I was viewed by family and friends as that tour operator who ran bus tours all over the country… what could he possibly know about network marketing. How do family and friends define you?

Enter the internet and suddenly our businesses are no longer solely dependent upon sponsoring relatives and friends. Instead you have a national or worldwide pool of business opportunity seekers. I recently spoke with a woman who was associated with an energy mlm. In spite of the fact that she could not offer the service, nor gather reps, in her own state, she had to build her business in other states. This being accomplished with her development of keen online marketing skills.

A technique which I learned to use, especially for long distance sponsoring of someone I met over the internet, is the three-way telephone call. Made even easier with our smartphones. (Please don’t get me started. About 6 months ago I finally traded in my dinosaur cell phone for an iPhone. Since then I have managed to disconnect practically every three-way call that I’m patched into. Don’t ask.)

Why a three-way call if you know everything you could possibly know about your business? It’s all a matter of edification. It takes you “the plumber” or Andy “the bus tour operator” out of the equation and puts the prospect in touch with the network marketing expert: your sponsor or perhaps someone higher in the chain. In one of the mlm’s I was associated with, I had reached a promotion level three levels higher than my sponsor. Yet I would three-way calls in to him by telling my prospect that he was with the company longer than me (he was…by two days) and that he probably could answer any question that was asked of him. This positioned my sponsor as a credible authority.

Here are the steps I would go through:

1. I would call my sponsor and see if he/she would be available to do a three-way call at the time I told the prospect I would be making a follow-up call. If that time was not good, I would go further upline until I found someone who would be available.

2. My call to the prospect would be made, a few minutes AFTER the scheduled time.

3. The statement I would make to my prospect would go something like this “Can you hold on for a second?” Notice I did not say a word about getting someone on the phone.

4. After getting someone from my upline on the line, I would go back to the prospect and say “Jack, I have Joe on the line with us. Joe has been with the company for a long time and has achieved building a successful group by utilizing online and offline techniques. I’m sure he’ll be able to answer any question you may have. Joe, I have my friend Jack on the line. Jack and I have been friends since the 5th grade at Orchard Elementary. With two of Jack’s children in college, he’s interested in generating some side income…”

5. (The most difficult step.) Do not say a word. Let whoever you three-way'd the call with do the talking and answering. Even if they happen to make a mistake, do not correct them. Remember, Jack does not care how much Joe or you know, Jack cares about how much you and Joe care.

Simple but powerful steps seasoned heavily with edification. Notice what you have done. You have made Joe the living, breathing voice of authority when it comes to your mlm opportunity. But you will have done something else: you made Jack feel at ease by sharing personal information about Jack to Joe.

By example you have also demonstrated to Jack that he could make three way calls to his prospects with you, his sponsor, now taking on the role of the Big Kahuna network marketing expert.

Not only will this “seal the deal” method be useful for those you personally sponsor but for those Jack sponsors as well. You will know that you have succeed – and your business will experience explosive growth – when the Jacks in your group participate in three way calls with their own team members.


Andy has been a network marketer for 20 years. Of late, he has focused on training other network marketers over the internet. For more of Andy's network marketing articles and training videos visit:

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