We Have A System For That.

Do you have an "I can do everything, I can answer anything" person on your team? I am willing to bet that although this person has a wealth of information about your network marketing company, this person does the least amount of sponsoring. It is certainly not the intention to sponsor only a few people into the business. The problem is this person is not using your company's system to the fullest but instead trying to be his/her own system.

This is a problem on a couple of levels. First, this person's prospects will feel as though they too have to become the wealth of information just like you. And, second, you can be (mentally) draining them with all of your explaining. Who cares how tall the trees are that produce the acai berries? Is it really all that important to know how many bottles of lotion are cranked out every day by your company?

The bottom line is that if you have an inquisitive prospect asking for specifics, which are well beyond the common knowledge of the average networker, let your company's system take over. Refer them to your company's website or encourage them to jump on a webinar.

One top networker would always say, "We have a system for that." And then refer them to his company's website or to a company webinar. Whatever the question, the response would be the same, "We have a system for that."

Another top networker once compared this to a game of chance at an amusement park. It is the one where the ducks are circulated in a constant flowing water stream, you know where you pick up a duck and it has a number underneath it which designates the prize you won. His analogy was that we networkers are like the manager of the game having the sole responsibility of making sure that we keep the ducks flowing and not getting hung up on any of the side panels. Should they get stuck, we have to move them back in to the flowing stream with all the others.

The important thing to remember is that your function in the recruiting process is to lead them in to the recruitment funnel. Once there, do not try to micro manage their progress, step back and let your system be in control. Should they get stuck or require personal attention, you will always be there to get them back into that recruiting cycle.

At first you might find this "hands off your prospect" approach difficult to follow but...no problem, we have a system for that.


Andy has been a network marketer for 20 years. Of late, he has focused on training other network marketers over the internet. For more of Andy's network marketing articles and training videos visit: http://www.AndyAcci.com

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