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How do you view you5rsponor? The person who got you out of your comfort zone by introducing you to his/her business opportunity or the sly scoundrel who got you to invest a few hundred dollars in a mlm that just doesn’t work for you?

Quite simply, your response to how you view your sponsor will determine your level of success in your network marketing business.

It’s easy to blame our sponsor when things do not go our way. to draw an analogy, it’s sort of like blaming the personnel manager who hired you at your day job if in fact you hate your day job. After all was it not this person who hired you in the first place? How dare this person not tell you how awful this job would be. How dare your sponsor in the business opportunity not tell you that it was going to be work. (As you have probably seen in my previous writings, it is called netWORK marketing, not netWISH marketing.)

Let me give you an example of how I was a “scoundrel” sponsor to one of my new recruits. This person lived over 5 hours from me. I encouraged him to gather everyone he knew that was willing to attend a business presentation for our opportunity and I would be more than willing to do the presentation at his home.

About a week before the scheduled presentation my team member called me and said that he also invited someone else who was in our network marketing company but not in our group to also come and present the opportunity to the people he invited. He felt “the more presenters, the merrier”. I explained that this is a bad idea as having a presenter outside of his line of sponsorship is not done in network marketing (as there is no direct financial benefit for the person doing the presenting). I said that this would be his decision if he felt more comfortable with this other person doing the presentation that I would not have a problem not participating. He insisted that I do it. I asked him how many people committed to attending. At that point, he told me that no one had.

The night before I was scheduled to drive the 5 hours to this presentation, I called and again asked how many people had made the commitment to attend as I wanted to have enough sales material and applications. He said that In spite of his best efforts that no one had said that they would be attending.

Since I did not want him to feel as though he did not succeed at pulling a business presentation meeting together, I suggested we move it to another date which world give him more time, and also give me a chance at working with him at inviting others to attend.

It turned out that people did show up for the presentation and he did the presenting himself. I sent him an email telling him that it was great that he was able to step up and present. The email that was sent in return was the absolute worse email that I have received in my 20+ years in network marketing. He not only sent it to me but sent it to every uuplind email address he could find in our network marketing company. My first inclination was to fire back an email with the facts but then I thought it best to not respond.

The root of this person’s problem, is that he is not a networker but a netWISHER. Over the past few years he has been in and out of a number of network marketing opportunities. He probably felt as though his sponsors in those businesses were also scoundrels so he would move on to the next bigger and better opportunity.

It is a matter of personal responsibility. It is easy to point a finger at someone else, such as your sponsor, for our failures rather than pointing your finger at the real cause of your failure: you. Your sponsor has one goal for your business that it succeed. They realize that their business is only as strong as the weakest network marketer they have on their team.

If you feel as though you are not getting the best advice from your sponsor, go further upline and seek to be counseled by that person. I will bet you that the advice that person gives you is the same advice your sponsor has been giving you.


Andy has been a network marketer for 20 years. Of late, he has focused on training other network marketers over the internet. For more of Andy's network marketing articles and training videos visit:

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