Top Ten Home-Based Businesses

With the exponential growth of people looking at ways to earn extra money, one of the most popular has been the rise of home-based businesses. Part of this reason is the ability to set your own hours and work for yourself; another part is the substantial income that a home-based business can bring you. Yet not all the options offer the opportunity to actually quit your day job, and work full-time from home.

However, there are certain ones that you should definitely look at if you’re looking to become your own boss, and the following are the top 10 home-based businesses for this very reason:

1. Home Improvement Services - If you enjoy DIY (do-it-yourself) projects and actually have a particular skill for it, setting up your own home improvement business could very well lead you towards success. After all, look at the most popular shows on television at present, and you’ll see the reality shows based on home improvement and renovations topping the list. With rates starting at $40 per hour for a bathroom tile installer, this is one of the best top 10 home-based business opportunities.

2. Virtual Assistant - This is particularly popular with many people, since it requires very little cost to start up with. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, and some decent organizational skills. A virtual assistant offers back office support to the likes of small businesses and even corporate companies, and organizes everyday things like meetings, reports, and email messages to company clients. Being a virtual assistant for more than one client is possible, and lucrative.

3. Affiliate Marketing - Possibly one of the most common of the top 10 home-based businesses, affiliate marketing is also the one that most people probably misunderstand. Due to the negative publicity of Internet marketing scams and spam emails, affiliate marketing often finds itself less likely to be looked at by people looking for a home-based business. However, there are reputable companies out there, and with a little research you can find one that’s right for you, and the potential for earnings through affiliate marketing are limitless.

4. Online Selling - Almost everyone knows about eBay, or has used the popular online auction site at least once, whether it’s to sell or buy something. Taking it one step further and becoming a Power Seller can lead to a very profitable home-based business indeed. Some of the most successful Power Sellers on eBay make over $100,000 a year, from simply buying collections and then selling items individually for greater profit, making this one of the easiest of the top 10 home-based businesses to start.

5. Dog Walking service - Although this may not sound particularly profitable, many dog owners are now using the services of professional dog walkers. This stems from the owners being too tired from today’s fast-paced workplace demands. This has in turn led to the rise in popularity of dog walkers, who can charge up to $15 per hour. If you combine that with walking 3 dogs at a time, you can see why this is a great opportunity for anyone wishing to start a home-based business.

6. Medical transcriber - Similar to a virtual assistant, medical transcription is definitely among the top 10 home-based businesses. If you have excellent keyboard skills and a strong grasp of the English language, you’re ideal for doctors who prefer to outsource their transcription services. It saves them overhead costs, so they can afford to pay you a decent wage as well.

7. Childcare - If you already have children, what could be better than having a home based business that allows you to look after not only your children, but those of friends and family as well? You’ll have to get a police background check and a special childcare license, but apart from that, this is a very simple way to start your home-based business.

8. Craft making and selling - This can cover a whole range of products, such as bracelets, candles, jewelry, greeting cards – basically, anything that can be given as a unique gift can offer the opportunity for a home-based business. And if you combine it with an eBay Store, you can have two of the top 10 home based businesses working for you at the same time for extra income that will far surpass your expectations.

9. Freelance writing or typing - This is a particularly rich market to get into, as there is always the need for good content on websites. Whether you’re someone with strong writing skills yourself, or prefer to transcribe someone else’s audio recording, a freelance writer or typist can offer an excellent income for those that possess proficiency in these areas.

10. Catering - This is one of the easiest of all the top 10 home-based businesses to get into, from the sheer fact that you have some of the equipment in your home already. Whether you use this as a part-time opportunity, or begin assuming the role of a full-time caterer to offices and companies in your local area and beyond, being a caterer is an enjoyable and rewarding home based business.

Whatever you decide to try your hand at, one of the key factors in any of the top 10 home based businesses is knowing your market. The quickest way to fail is to expect to make a lot of money without much in the way of knowledge or expertise. So, if you’re going to become an eBay Power Seller for example, buy and sell the things you know about, since this will allow you to know their true value.

At the end of the day, any kind of venture is a risk, whether it’s one of the top 10 home based businesses or not. As long as you begin with a plan and are in it for the long run, there’s no reason why you can’t join the hundreds of thousands of like-minded people enjoying their own success right now.

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