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Marketing Fusion: 7 Elements to Ignite Your Growth – Darcy Neighbors, Don Pursell; DMPI Publishers, 10181 Park Run Drive, Suite 190, Las Vegas, Nv; 702.844.2464; ISBN 1594577854; 134 pages; $24

Reviewed by – G.A. “Andy” Marken, president, Marken Communications Inc,

Marketing Fusion is another example that self-publishing is a big business. A big business that fills a need for individuals and organizations that have something to impart to business people but can’t attract the interest and attention of major publishers.

Ms Neighbors’ writing stays close to home to the markets her firm, Consultants in Marketing, knows best...small business. Since most PR agencies in the U.S. and around the globe fall into this category it does deserve consideration because it provides you with another view of how to view and market your own organization as well as how to assist clients.

While Marketing Fusion focuses on the marketing of a small business, it does provide some very sound thoughts on branding and helps you think on how you can use public relations to expand your own PR business as well as assist clients.

Ms Neighbors emphasizes that her book isn’t a how-to book yet she breaks down the marketing process into seven elements and provides a clear, concise and easy-to-read roadmap on rethinking the organization, its services/products, its strengths/weaknesses as well as its short- and long-term objectives. This combination of strategic and tactical thinking we feel makes Marketing Fusion one of the key reasons you’ll probably want to read the book once quickly and then a second time more slowly.

Since most small businesses are started almost by accident, her formulas and guidelines should provide most readers with an opportunity to rethink where their organization is today and where they want to be in the future. In addition she provides the reader with some experienced counsel on how to get from Point A to Point B, especially when most of your time is spent moving from one crisis (opportunity) to another.

For the public relations or marketing student, Marketing Fusion has several very useful chapters on branding and public relations as they apply to the vast majority of businesses (small-to-medium – SMB - sized firms) around the globe. Most of the books you have an opportunity to read deal with these subjects as they apply to Fortune 500 type firms. This means that most of the ideas and plans presented are interesting but less than useful for the 1-100 person organization and practitioners who support them.

Based on experience we are less than enamoured with the idea of formula marketing and formula public relations. At the same time we do feel her Diversified Marketing Portfolio and Magic of Marketing Matrix tools do provide beginning practitioners and entrepreneurs with some guidelines and check points they can profitably use.

Marketing and public relations are both very inexact sciences. The art portion of the two fields can only be learned by a lot of reading and/or bitter experience. Frankly we believe it is more fun to read about the subjects and learn from others’ successes and failure experiences.

The practitioner with five to ten years of experience won’t come away from Marketing Fusion saying he or she has gained a new insight into developing and carrying out a PR program. But the SMB manager and student will be able to identify with structure and ideas they can put to work immediately.

Marketing Fusion may not ignite your organization’s or your client’s growth but it will help you move your branding and PR efforts in the right direction.



G. A. "Andy" Marken President Marken Communications, Inc. Santa Clara, CA Andy has worked in front of and behind the TV camera and radio mike. Unlike most PR people he listens to and understands the consumer’s perspective on the actual use of products. He has written more than 100 articles in the business and trade press. During this time he has also addressed industry issues and technologies not as corporate wishlists but how they can be used by normal people. He has been a marketing an...

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