Developing A New PR Approach

Marketing has shifted dramatically in the past decade. With the advent of blogs and social media, companies now have different marketing and PR needs. With that in mind, it’s important to rethink your approach to media relations. As opposed to focusing solely on traditional PR campaigns or 100% on online campaigns, consider a menu of strategies. What fits your specific needs can vary, from

1) A full blown traditional PR and social media campaign,

2) A campaign that emphasizes traditional public relations, along with a more targeted online media approach,

3) One that cover a targeted traditional media outreach in conjunction with an online media approach.

4) A campaign that focuses 100% on online PR

5) A social media campaign.

6) You get the picture, you can mix and match.

Remember what is right for you and your company depends on your specific needs and its budget. Although it is possible to launch a successful online PR campaign, it is quite different from a traditional media outreach. The media outlets and the overall approach have to be handled differently. When launching an online campaign, you’re targeting bloggers, online media, forums and individuals via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Your approach needs to be more conversational and more personal in its tone. The traditional media approach is more formal and more press release driven.

This is a PR/marketing world of mix and match, and no one approach is designed to fit all. Study your prospective clients and customers; review your marketing needs and how to best reach your target market. Now come up with a plan that specifically meets those needs.

Although both traditional and new media PR campaigns can be successful, your best bet is to create a campaign that encompasses both. Whereas some companies have been quite successful going strictly with the online approach, your needs might be better served by adding the credibility of being featured in the news. A feature in a magazine or segment on a TV program changes how you’re viewed by your clients and prospective clients. You are more readily perceived as an expert in your field. People who see your magazine articles and TV segments on social media sites will view you as an expert, as a professional who can be trusted.

A strong traditional media campaign is still imperative to gain the credibility and validation of being featured as a news story. Yet particularly when starting out, you can achieve your initial marketing goals if you have both a strong online presence and a limited traditional PR campaign.

Develop a media relations plan and campaign that is designed specifically for your needs. Don’t assume you intrinsically know who your target market is and how to reach them. Do your homework. It will pay off in the long run.

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