How Google Shows Title in Search Results?

Many webmasters usually exclaimed on the question like how Google selects the title of the search result? or why Google is not showing the title I have set in my meta? or From where Google picks the title of the page? Many authors have given answer of these questions often and recently in one of his video Matt Cutts, The Head of Google Spam Team has answered this question again.

From where Google Selects the Title to show up in Search Result?

Google usually looks at the title tag of the page, meta tags like H1 of the page at first. If it can't find the relevant title which reflects the user's search query then it looks into the open directories and other related sources and pick up the title which closely reflects the user search query.

Why Google is not Showing the defined Title of my Webpage?

The simple answer is the tile you have set is either not relevant to search query or not short enough to show into the search results.

How Can I make sure that Google Search Result Shows the Title I have defined?

Google considers three criteria for showing the title in search results.

1. Title is relevant to the user query.

2. The title is relatively short.

3. It reflects the web page briefly.

You need to anticipate what the user might search for and then reflect that in your title in brief and accurate language. It must reflect your product and/or service. Misleading title might either increase bounce rates or will invite penalties.

Another myth I would like to conquer is if we extend the title more than the defined character limit, it will be counted as spam and will increase the chances of penalty. There is no evidence of penalty for this case. If your title is more than the defined character limit, Google will simply truncate it and show it with dots. There are few webpages which need long title and it's obvious. So there is no reason to take action against long titles. The example is a news website which has to show the complete headline in the title which might be long. The advisable thing is don't make your title ambiguous and/or misleading. Keep it short and crisp as and when possible.


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