Google’s Social Search enables searching within social circle!

Google’s experiments with its new search feature “Social Search”; has become a grand success! Therefore Google has now launched the beta version for everyone having a Google account. Social Search makes your searching experience more fun and personal. You can now easily search for relevant content within your friend’s and online contact’s social content.

Elaborating on the above, Google experts Maureen Heymans (Technical Lead for Social Search) and Terran Melconian (Technical Lead for Social Image Search) says that while they were on their way to parenthood for the first time, many questions regarding newborn babies bothered them. So what did they do? Well they searched Google using the all new Social Search! Searching about baby sleep patterns or infant swaddling or best cribs, they not only got expert opinions on the usual websites, but also found relevant pages from their friends and other social contacts on social media Sites.

Explaining further, Maureen and Terran states that suppose one of their friends has written a blog where she talks about a good baby shop; this blog might appear in their search results about newborn babies. One may argue that they will surely find other relevant reviews from various sites but a friend's blog is always more reliable in terms of trust and personalization.

There much more to this Social Search. Now that it has been added to Google Images, doing a search on Images is even more exciting. You can start viewing pictures from people in your social circle that have been set ‘public’ on popular photo-sharing sites like Picasa and Flickr. Similar to other social results, social image results also appear under the following separate heading: Results from your social circle. Clicking on the above link will take you to a web-page showing the two new links for “My social circle” and “My social content”.

The former shows your network of online friends and how you are connected to them whereas the later lists your public pages which appear in your friend’s social results. This new interface provides a sneak peek on how Social Search builds your social circle and then connects you with the web content of your circle of friends. You can easily check out your present social circle by directly logging on to your Google account.

So if you want to get the maximum from Social Search, get going by creating a Google profile and adding to it the links of your other public online social services or social media sites. Check out this video to learn more about Social Search!


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