How to Choose Freelance Content Writing Services

Demand of freelance content writing services has increased to the greater extent over the period. Apart from low costs incurred to easy availability of freelance content writers instant reach to expert writers across the industries in multiple niches augur to look for freelancers.

Whenever you search freelancers for an association with your tram you mustn’t forget most important factor to pick someone who understands your business and writes accordingly besides doing extensive research on image selection to posting them as and when required.

Prior to hiring individual freelancers or agencies to create contents for Company website/portal or off page SEO activities, you must keep in consideration these factors related to specific parties you hire to develop an association.

Writing Ability: Whether you are hiring an in-house writer of a freelancer, you must check writer’s writing ability. One of the best ways to check ability is to go through candidate’s published works. If a freelancer or agency fails to provide sufficient published work, then it is an indication that you should focus on someone else.

Industry Experience: Industry experience of a writer plays vital role to search SEO content writer or agency to actually make the task hassle-free. Dealing with a writer without industry experience means you are wasting time, energy and resources. Furthermore, crosscheck with the writers if he/she would be doing own research, and what are the possible approaches to be applied for task fulfillment.

SEO Knowledge: A writer or an agency must be well versed with latest SEO strategies as professionals with caliber you seek. Creation of a copy without SEO means you are directionless and at the crossroads. Selected writer should be a professional and able to optimize title, description and content, and links to the related content on your website.

Revisions: Whoever is your chosen freelancer or agency the team must be ready for revisions without question. There are possibilities that you may not like certain paragraphs or lines in content. The writer must be eager to make the revisions and polish works in order to fulfill your requirement.

Writing Fees: You must check fees carefully and discuss to agree on mutually agreed rates before hiring freelancers or agencies. Pricing always matters but you can’t compromise with quality of content for the sake of reasonably low prices. Experienced writers might charge a bit high then others but they always create user friendly, SEO optimized professional copies to boost websites to the best.

Several companies and entrepreneurs prefer freelance SEO content writers and therefore they pick experienced ones who offer cost effective content. Such writers are able to provide SEO aligned content with proper keywords and meta tags. In addition, they also provide 100% unique and original content with flexibility for revisions.

There is no dearth of freelance content writers nowadays. Only few of them can be considered genuine to offer quality services though. Begin your search keenly for the best ones to shortlist those fulfilling your need. Don’t keep your budget constraint. If you get an experienced writer, you should be able to pay a bit more. It will have irrefutable impact due to quality work.


Asif Anwar Alig is the Co-Founder and Editorial Head of SEO Content India. An avid reader and writer, he has been writing for several publications in many niche areas since one and half decades now. He began his career in ETV as a creative head accidentally and was almost fired for his passion to write. He chose to make writing his career thereafter and edited the research journal of Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon for th...

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