Why in the World Medical Marijuana Is Illegal, While Cigarettes and Alcohol Induce More Damage?

It really seems unfair that alcohol and cigarettes are legal, though taking thousands of lives annually, and Medical Marijuana Delivery Service is forbidden on a federal level, though it can cure some of the severest and save thousands of lives. Reviewing the history, it is clearly seen that marijuana barely killed anyone, but alcohol takes 25,000 of lives a year and cigarettes put an end to the living of 440,000 people each year (Drug War Facts). So, why do the country authorities spend millions of bucks to support anti-cannabis campaigns, like when they stifled chimpanzees back in ‘90s to imitate the effect of loss of the brain cells (National Geographic)? Or, why do the media state that cannabis causes severe schizophrenia, while the actual studies show it virtually assists these patients most of the times?

When you initially think about it, it seems difficult to debate with the figures. According to JAMA report, 92% of the domestic abuse assailants were using alcohol on the assault day. In 1997, 40% of condemned sexual assault and rape offenders stated that they were drunk at the time of their offense. Between 48% and 64% of individuals that die in fires have alcohol levels in blood equal to intoxication. In 2002, more than seventy thousands of students between the ages of 18 and 24 have become victims of sexual assault related to alcohol, in the USA. 28% of children suicides at ages 9 to 15 were ascribed to alcohol. An approximate 480,000 of children are abused annually by a tutor, who has problems with alcohol. Nothing positive has ever come from alcohol drinking. You could state that alcohol loosens or tolerates a situation, but you do nothing but make the situation worse and besides destroy your liver. Although cannabis seems to have a good effect on closely to any of the above statistics, there has never been a report of a man beating his wife after getting high.

The next situation deserves an entire paragraph. The thing is that throughout the USA, parents enforce their children to take anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, ADHD, and ADD drugs. Are you truly such an ignorant person that you will pour unreasonable chemicals into the brain of your growing child, as it is trying to build and then repair itself? You’re going to force unnecessary chemicals into the organism of your child, which psychologists and researchers don’t know a thing about. In reality, the cannabinoid system was only found in 2007. Do you really believe they can tell silicone from serotonin? The side effects of 50% of the anti-depressant drugs are suicidal thoughts. Do you really want to give your kid such a medicine!? THC has positively affected depression, ADD, ADHD, and anxiety in thousands of researches around the Globe, inducing only such side effects as sleepiness, happiness, and hunger. Compare something natural that doesn’t have negative side effects to a drug, which messes with the chemical balance in your brain and has side effects, such as thoughts to kill yourself. What would you choose?

Considering all of these facts, it is really unclear why marijuana, Pot Delivery still remains illegal in the USA, while some of the worst drugs that can kill you – and they do kill hundreds of people every year – are approve by the FDA. It is time for a change. It is time to stop investing into tobacco and alcohol corporations, which is basically supporting the deaths of people who abuse it and all the crime related to it. And it’s time to stop the recreational use of marijuana, while giving it a real medical status of medical marijuana and let it save hundreds of thousands of US citizens’ lives, who suffer Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, migraines, and a lot of other widely known diseases.


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