Enterprise Architecture is a management practice to maximize the contribution of an agency’s resources to achieve its mission. Enterprise Architecture is a critical tool that can be used to give management a clear line of sight from investments to measurable performance improvements for the entire organization or for division/department within the organization. Enterprise Architecture is rapidly becoming to management thinking what mathematics is to the engineering of physical systems. Management Consultants that are not already versed in Enterprise Architecture seem to be scrambling to learn its principles. The primary purpose of Enterprise Architecture is to make the invisible visible. Over the past decade, Enterprise Architecture has become a vital tool for effecting purposeful change and to instill actions that can successfully help manifest management visions. Using Enterprise Architecture as a common language, any organization can learn to articulate aspects of its management world that have traditionally been invisible. These include but are not limited to the following: - Processes - Information - Knowledge - Missions - Capabilities - Infrastructure - Performance - Services - Communications Much of the value of architecture comes from the integration of various architectures. Any architecture does not stand isolated. This means that every architecture, be it an enterprise architecture, systems architecture, program architecture, data architecture, capabilities architecture, etc., is ultimately just a node in the Organizations Consolidated Architecture Framework. Enterprise Architecture is focused on providing a fundamental understanding of the process structures that underlie its context. In order to be effective, Enterprise Architecture must articulate the breakdown, sequence, and interdependencies of activities within the organizational processes and the inputs, outputs, controls and mechanisms related to those activities.


Dr. Uchil is an entrepreneur, business-owner and author embodying almost three decades of management and consulting experience. Prior to founding The Uchil Group and Uchil, LLC, Dr. Uchil spent over eighteen years in a variety of senior management roles at several large consulting organizations. In addition to his PhD in Business Administration Dr. Uchil also holds an MBA in Consulting Operations Management, a BSEE in Electrical Engineering and a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunicati...

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