Goals Based Strategic Planning - Part V (THE STRATEGIC PLANNING PROCESS)

The strategic planning process is more important than the final work product, usually the strategic plan document. This is because it is very important that the senior leadership team and the key staff working within an organization be on the same sheet of music with respect to the following:

•Who they are as an organization

•Where they are going


•How they plan to get there

Strategic planning is a means of clarifying an organization's core purpose, ensuring that its resources align to support that purpose, communicating to the organization and identifying mechanisms to monitor success in achieving that purpose.

Strategic planning should identify the following:

•Where an organization is going over the planned period (usually one to five years)

•The means by which it is going to get there

•The means of communicating the Strategic plan to the organization And •The mechanisms to monitor if it got there or not

Typically, the strategic planning team develops a strategic plan for the organization as a whole. Then, components of the organization develop operational plans (tactical plans) that define the activities they will perform to support the strategic plans of the organization.

In order to be most effective, the strategic planning process should be conducted in five stages. Each stage builds of the previous, gradually increases the level analysis performed on the available information and the issues identified and/or analyzed in the prior stage/s.

Stage 1 – Initialization:

Stage 2: Analysis:

Stage 3: Strategic Planning Workshop:

Stage 4: The Work Product:

Stage 5: Communication and Implementation:


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