Goals Based Strategic Planning - Part VI (THE WORK PRODUCT)

The work product resulting form the strategic planning process is an organizational strategic plan.The structure of the strategic plan is just as vital as the strategic planning process. This is because the strategic plan will have a wide audience consisting of personnel from various levels within the organization and persons outside the organization. Therefore, it is important to structure that plan is such a manner that it can be distributed piecemeal. While making sure that each piece is a self-contained document that has a meaning by itself.

This can be accomplished by organizing the format of the plan in a manner that the main body of the plan can be used for general distribution within and outside the organization.

Appendices should be used for the confidential and detail-oriented information. In addition, the appendices often include information that tends to change a lot.

The structure proposed below (note the use of the word proposed) is one of the many recommended formats for a strategic plan. I personally prefer this structure.

Main Body: •Chapter 1 – Executive Summary: The executive summary should be written in plain English (no technical jargon) and to a level of detail that any “outsider” should be able to read the summary and get a comprehensive understanding of the mission, vision and values of the organization

•Chapter 2 – The Organization: This section should briefly describe the organization as a whole. This includes its history, current state of the organization, its major products and services, major accomplishments, etc.

•Chapter 3 – Mission, Vision and Value Statements: This chapter details the mission, vision and value statements identified during the strategic planning process

•Chapter 4 – Goals, Objectives and Strategies: This chapter documents the major strategic goals and objectives and the associated strategies identified during the strategic planning process


•Appendix 1 – Description of Strategic Planning Process:

•Appendix 2 – Communications Plan:

•Appendix 3 – Data used for the Strategic Planning Process:

•Appendix 4 – Performance Management Plan:

•Appendix 5 – Financial and Budget Documents:

•Appendix 6 – Operational Plans:

NOTE: While the list above is certainly not exhaustive, it describes the most common elements found in strategic plans.


Dr. Uchil is an entrepreneur, business-owner and author embodying almost three decades of management and consulting experience. Prior to founding The Uchil Group and Uchil, LLC, Dr. Uchil spent over eighteen years in a variety of senior management roles at several large consulting organizations. In addition to his PhD in Business Administration Dr. Uchil also holds an MBA in Consulting Operations Management, a BSEE in Electrical Engineering and a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunicati...

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