What is Corporate America? News headlines often refer to “Corporate America,” for example, “Corporate America is unfair to small business”; or “Corporate America grows richer by profiting from big tax loopholes.” These headlines make you wonder what the term “Corporate America” describes. The headlines stated above and other similar news headlines would seem to suggest that Corporate America is a collection of businesses that are large enough to exert some measure of control on nearly all aspects of the economy of the United States of America. Get into any elevator in any office building in any city in the United States and you will invariably encounter several people in varied attire with or without name badges hurrying to their respective offices. You can safely bet that more than eighty percent of these individuals are some part of machine that is Corporate America. The United States currently has approximately five million registered businesses. If we compile a list of companies with two hundred (200) or more employees, that number narrows down to a little over forty thousand (40,000). There are approximately ninety thousand (90,000) businesses with one hundred (100) or more employees. According to Wikipedia, “Corporate America” is actually an informal phrase describing the business world of the United States. The term corporate America is frequently used in a negative sense that implies greed and lack of social responsibility. It may also be used in a positive way to imply a capitalist society. Based on the definitions above, like it or not, a large majority of us will end up working in the ‘Corporate America’ machine at some point during our career. Just how does one survive or flourish in this environment? My two plus decades in this environment has taught me that it is not always the brightest or best that makes it to the top. Usually the person that succeeds knows the rules and above all knows when and where they apply. Easy you say. Just give me the rulebook and I will follow the rule. Sure, there are some documented rules especially when it comes to equal opportunity, workplace harassment, etc. However, when one begins to look for information that relates to career moves, the correct way to write a resume, business etiquette, etc., information is woefully lacking. Almost all rules and guidelines that pertain to these categories are of the unwritten type.


Dr. Uchil is an entrepreneur, business-owner and author embodying almost three decades of management and consulting experience. Prior to founding The Uchil Group and Uchil, LLC, Dr. Uchil spent over eighteen years in a variety of senior management roles at several large consulting organizations. In addition to his PhD in Business Administration Dr. Uchil also holds an MBA in Consulting Operations Management, a BSEE in Electrical Engineering and a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunicati...

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