THE GOOD CONSULTANT To be a good consultant, you need to have something more than just calling yourself a consultant. Broad and Diverse Knowledge Base Some people can spend ten years on the job but only have one year of experience multiplied ten times. In short, despite ten years of experience, they only know one thing. A good consultant will recommend a solution that is specific to each client based on their unique requirements. In order to do this, good consultants need to have knowledge and experience in many different areas within their field of expertise and or many different fields as applicable. Experience Through the years, I have found that many so-called consultants and prospective clients are very willing to trade lack of experience for lower rates. I have come across people with a few months of experience in one field or job, who call themselves consultants. I have even seen students with several months of instruction pass themselves off as consultants. Clients often hire these persons primarily because of their cheaper rates. More often than not, this results in disastrous consequences for the clients. There is no substitute for experience. Most experienced consultants usually have a knowledge base of information and issues that they have encountered over the years. They may also have established a network of other consultants who they can approach for solutions to a particular problem or issue. Most of the questions asked of a consultant have been asked before. Most of the issued that people run into have already been encountered and solved by someone else. As a consultant I often tell my clients that “I do not have all the answers, but I surely know how and where to get them” Ability to Think Independently Good consultants are usually self starters and self-assured. They think independently and do not always rely on direction for others. They have to come up with solutions for clients usually based on sketchy requirements at best. This is another reason why the consultant must be familiar with several different methods of working. A consultant who only knows one way of doing things may not know the best way. He is not presenting his client with a choice or with the benefit of a range of expertise. Excellent Communication Skills Successful consultants usually have mastered the knack of tailoring their message to their audience. They are able to dive into detail with the technical folks while keeping their message at the capstone level for the C-level management types.


Dr. Uchil is an entrepreneur, business-owner and author embodying almost three decades of management and consulting experience. Prior to founding The Uchil Group and Uchil, LLC, Dr. Uchil spent over eighteen years in a variety of senior management roles at several large consulting organizations. In addition to his PhD in Business Administration Dr. Uchil also holds an MBA in Consulting Operations Management, a BSEE in Electrical Engineering and a Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunicati...

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