How Will My Customers View Temporary Nurse Staffing Account Receivable Financing?

For those temporary nurse staffing agency owners that need a little more help with alleviating your concerns about how your customers will view nurse staffing account receivable funding, consider the following:

Temporary Nurse Staffing Financing is a Sign of Good Business Credit

  • Temporary nurse staffing agencies go through an in-depth due diligence process before an accounts receivable funding company will agree to purchase their invoices.
  • If a temporary nurse staffing agency is able to secure financing, it is a good indication that you operate a stable, growing business.
  • The ability to factor nurse staffing accounts receivables depends primarily on the creditworthiness of the agency's customers, not the business owner's personal credit.

Temporary Nurse Staffing Factoring Benefits the Agency and Its Customers

  • Your customers are able to continue taking 30, 60 or even 90 days to pay for your staffing services.
  • You have the ability to maintain a "business as usual" relationship with your customers when you choose to sell your nurse staffing account receivables.
  • With temporary nurse staffing account receivable funding, your company benefits from having money today.

Your Customers May Already Work with Temporary Nurse Staffing Account Receivable Financing Firms

  • Account receivable factoring is one of the oldest methods of business financing.
  • Credit cards transactions are actually the most common form of account receivable funding used today.
  • Many hospitals, nursing homes and physicians' groups factor their medical receivables due from insurance companies and therefore are already familiar with how account receivable invoice funding works and why companies elect to do it.

Taking the time to educate your customers about why you chose to use temporary nurse staffing account receivable financing should eliminate many of their concerns. If they need further explanation, rest assured that invoice funding firms are also available to help explain your new financial arrangement.


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