PRN Funding Introduces Real-Time Web Communication

By integrating new technology into its Web site, PRN Funding, LLC has made it even easier for healthcare factoring prospects to communicate with the firm over the web. Specifically, users now have the option to Chat Live via Meebo and have their questions about invoice funding answered in real-time by one of PRN Funding's factoring specialists. For those who feel more comfortable asking questions over the phone, a new short form was added to the web site, in which users can fill in their name and phone number, and one of our healthcare factoring experts will call within 15 minutes. These two new web communication outlets are available on every page of PRN Funding's web site during business hours.

In addition, our healthcare invoice funding firm also added quick-link buttons to various social media outlets where our company is active. Social media icons are now conveniently located on the bottom of every page for those users who are interested in communicating with PRN Funding via The Factoring Blog, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

With years of experience in the healthcare industry, PRN Funding has a precise understanding of the unique challenges within healthcare vendor industries. PRN Funding offers financial resources to these companies by purchasing their accounts receivable--a process known as ‘factoring', which provides the cash needed to sustain and grow a healthcare business


PRN Funding, LLC is an extraordinarily focused niche player in the healthcare invoice funding market place. Through a process known as factoring, PRN Funding provides business owners with the financial resources needed to grow and effectively compete in the industry. With no minimums or fixed terms, PRN Funding ( provides healthcare companies with flexible and immediate access to capital.

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