4 Main Areas You Must Focus On When Planning a Home Extension

When you're adding an extension onto your home it's extremely exciting. You are basically getting the power to design a mini house you'll spend lots of time in. Due to the importance of the room you'll need to make sure everything is right before you proceed.

It can be tricky if you've never tackled something so big before. Let's just say there are maybe four areas you need to pay special attention to. If you get those right everything else will turn out amazing, so let's focus on the specific things we're talking about.

The Importance Of Doors

When you pull up to a house the door is one of the first things you see. There is no doubt your extension will have a door, but it won't be as secure as the main one. Burglars might see it as the perfect place to break in, so above all else make sure it's completely secure.

Home extensions usually run off into the back garden. In other words, when you're outside during the hot weather you'll see it all the time. Hot Canadian days don't come around too often, but when choosing the design make sure it looks attractive both inside and out.

Why Windows Are Essential

Big City Windows in Ottawa was happy to add a little bit of their own advice in regards to windows. They need to be just as secure as doors because they're a viable entry point. Also, double hung windows will let in air while still reflecting the sun.

Choosing a window specifically to help maintain a certain temperature inside your room is pointless, because you can use low-E film. When you place it over the glass it will reflect most of the sun away and drastically reduce your energy bills.

Designing The Floor Plan

When you design a floor plan for any new room inside your home you want a couple of things at the very least. You need to optimize the space you've got while taking lots of things into consideration. If you get it right the room will feel like it's bigger.

You've also got to take functionality into account. Not only should you make the most of what you've got, but you want to strip out anything that doesn't need to be there. It will be hard because it's enjoyable to fill a brand new room up with everything you can get your hands on.

Effective Electrical Wiring

Your room needs to have enough lights inside it, even if your windows let in lots of natural light. Choose carefully where you place the switch on the wall for your convenience. The same thing applies to outlets too, but you'll need to choose where they go and how many you have.

New technology can fall into this category because in a few years all homes are going to be smart. If you don't have a smart home at the moment you can test it with your extension. The kind of gadgets you get will depend purely on what you're going to use the room for.

The Room Will Look Fantastic

Once you're done the extension will look fantastic, but pay close attention to everything we've talked about today. If you mess any of these up you will regret it somewhere down the line. It's safer making sure you get everything right at the first time of asking.


Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.

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