5 Creative Ideas to Design Your Date Card

It’s your big day! Congratulations! There’s no doubt that you want everything to be perfect and unique. All your friends and family would remember this day as your day. There are so many things to consider, but, the part of your wedding everyone will see first is your save-the-date card. You want it to be creative, but how?

Reflect the Theme of Your Wedding

A good date card should seem like a trailer of your actual wedding. All your friends and family should know what to expect from your wedding after looking at the card. If the wedding is themed elegant, the card should be themed elegant similarly. You would best use a simple white background with a contrasting silver border and silver, simplistic font. The envelope too should not require too much work. A simple theme is an elegant theme.

Send out Postcards

Sending out postcards as wedding cards are both, creative and cheap. The best part: You can print them out to your liking! The need for an element is also not presented, since, it’s a postcard! Try to include text and a photograph but, again, do not overdo it since a cluttered card is not a good card.

Make Them By Hand

If you’re the artsy type, there is no better way to show your creativity than by making your own date card. Bring out your markers and ribbons and other stationery that you have been hoarding for years, this is the time for it to shine. Whip out your calligraphy skills and make a sequined border to match. Glitter works equally as well. Imagine an electric blue card with a pale gold sequined border and similarly coloured calligraphic font with the names of you two lovebirds. Quite a sight, especially if it’s made by your own two hands.

Play with Words

Artistic does not just include people who can draw or paint or have other visually-appealing skills on paper. Let the poet in you run wild. Announce your wedding the way Emily Dickinson would have: write poetry. And it does not have to be an original piece; you can play on words using famous verses as a template. Another great way to use words for your wedding card is by using typography. Typography is a budding form of art, and a play on words visually may be just the edge you need. You could print out words in the shape of a bow, signifying you tying the knot and much more!

Let Pictures do the Talking

Another way to show your expertise in the arts field is by using pictures. Save the date images could mean using photographs of you and your beloved, or photographs of things that signify your relationship. To go a step further would be to use no font itself, but use pictures to explain what the occasion is, and use a picture of a calendar with the date circled as a perfect way to announce your big day.


Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.

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