6 Best Manufacturers in the Toy Industry

There has been much advancement in the world in the past couple of decades. We have gone as far as to say that children these days do not know what it is like to play with toys anymore since all children are too busy hogging laptops and smartphones.

That, however, is not entirely true. There are certain toy manufacturers that have gained much customer loyalty since the past couple of decades. This is because they always have been and still are coming up with great new ideas for toys for children. Sure, the toys are probably very different from the kind we had when we were young, but that only shows how toys for children have also advanced in these years.

It is true that newer manufacturers are trying to make space for themselves in the market lately and many of them are succeeding as well, for example, Jakks Pacific which started in 1995. Despite this, the top most toy companies in the world are those that have gained the love of children and the trust of their parents since many years.

Six of these best toy manufacturing companies in the world are the following.


You can look up any list of the best toy manufacturers around the world and be sure that Lego will top the list.Lego started manufacturing its signature bricks back in 1932 in a carpentry workshop. They started off by selling wooden bricks which were quite similar in structure to the plastic bricks we have today.Lego then moved on to making plastic bricks in 1960 and then, in the 1970s, expanded their markets so much that they were able to open theme parks such as Lego Land.

Moving on from simple bricks, Lego has lately started manufacturing bricks of many different shapes and sizes that also pertain to hundreds of different themes. One of the most popularly recurring Lego brick themes is Star Wars. Other themes include Disney princesses and DC heroes.Lego pieces come in 53 colors and are sold in around 130 countries all over the world. The number of different elements Lego has produced in its lifespan is around 400 billion.Lego has now ceased to be a toy solely for children because many adults have also begun to take them up as a hobby. In fact, Lego sculptures are now a sort of art form that people of all ages can take part in.

Fisher Price

Fisher price is a toy manufacturer that has been dedicated to making toys mainly for babies and toddlers ever since it began back in 1930. It has manufactured around 5000 different kinds of toys for this purpose.

Some of the most popular Fisher Price toys include the Little People’s toys which are play sets that come has farms, houses, vehicles etc. Some very popular brand names like Disney and Dora the Explorer have produced toys that also come under the Fisher Price umbrella. It has also now begun to introduce electronic toys.Fisher Price, though still an independent name, was taken over by Mattel in 1993.


Mattel is the leading toy manufacturer in the whole world to date.The company began in 1945 and took the world by storm in a couple of years by introducing the Barbie Doll in 1959. Another toy introduced by Mattel that has become a sort of metaphor in the English Language was a talking doll called Chatty Cathy. Mattel also introduced really cool toys for boys like Hot Wheels which were a must-have for boys in the 90s and early 2000s. They even introduced Monster High Dolls, Winx Club Dolls and WWE action figures.

In the span of these decades, Mattel has taken over many other toy companies as their parent company. These include Fisher Price, Tyco Toys and The Learning Company. This goes to show the kind of influence it has had on people in its lifespan.Mattel even introduced an entertainment division known as Playground Productions in 2013 that shows short animated films regarding all of its achievements, showcasing Mattel’s history and production.


Hasbro is the third-largest toy manufacturer in the world, just after Mattel and Lego.Hasbro manufactures toys and board games. The most popular and significant product that Hasbro has given to the world in the Monopoly game which is played by a wide audience to this day and has not changed in the least. Other board games introduced by Hasbro include Scrabble, BattleShip and Ouija.There have been many popular toy lines introduced by Hasbro which include Action Man, G.I Joe, Sesame Street, Beyblade and My Little Pony.


Nintendo is the oldest toy manufacturer in this entire list as it began in 1889. Headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, it is the largest video game seller in the world by revenue.Nintendo video games have been through their own level of evolution in the past century. It started off as a card-company and moved on to making toys. The very first electronic video game introduced by Nintendo was back in 1972.

Some of the most prominent devices introduced by Nintendo include the Famicon, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS and now the Wii. The latest device introduced by Nintendo is the Nintendo Switch. These devices clearly show the evolution of Nintendo video games over the years.Nintendo has also introduced many giant video game franchises that are still popular to this day. One of these is Tetris, which was an iconic game in the 90s. Other game series include the Super Mario Brothers and the Legend of Zelda.


Nerf is a part of the Hasbro Inc.Since 1969, Nerf has been on a mission to introduce safe toys that cannot damage the house in any way or hurt the users. Nerf is now known for its soft textured dart guns which became popular in the 90s and are known as Nerf Blasters. Another very popular toy line introduced by Nerf is Lazer Tag.


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