7 Essential Qualities to Look For In a Self-Storage Facility

Due to varying needs, we all have important possessions that are jealously guarded. Individuals own shoes, clothes and generational antiquities while businesses keep merchandise, office furniture, and stationery among others.

However, storing all these items in our living or work space could become challenging due to accumulated purchases and space restriction. Self-storage facilities are reliable and effective solutions for storing personal or office items until when needed.

Consequently, self-storage facilities are increasingly becoming a ubiquitous part of our estates and Industry trends reveal there is a steady expansion of the storage industry in the US. This is expected as storage facilities come in different sizes and for different functions enabling you to free up living or office space to store items conveniently.

Choosing a suitable storage facility nonetheless requires that its specifications are tailored to your needs. Here are 7 essential qualities you should look out for when choosing a storage facility.


The proximity of your storage facility is important especially if you would need to access it often. One reason for using storage facilities is to minimize cost, so the overall cost of transportation to and from the facility should be factored in.

If you live in a location like Tampa, a number of storage units Tampa has will most definitely meet your storage needs. So there’s no need travelling to New York because you heard they have nice storage units there.


Any storage facility you are looking at should have top-notch security. A well-secured facility should have security cameras, electronic gates and good lighting in its surroundings. The presence of an on-site manager or security personnel also serves as an additional layer of security. They make round trips around the facility and/or monitor the security cameras in real time.


It is paramount to enquire if a self-storage facility has pest control services. Infestation by pests, insects, rodents etc. can damage your belongings. For example, rats are notorious for urinating, defecating, and eating up the clothes, documents, wooden furniture and a wide range of household items.


Ensure that you can access your storage facility whenever needed. A lot of self-storage facilities have 24-hour accessibility. However, if a facility lacks such, you should make sure their access times fit your schedule.

Payment Policies

Different facilities have different payment plans. While some may require that you make prior reservations, others are simply walk-in. Some will refund you if you choose to end the contract prematurely, others do not.

Furthermore, some facilities charge extra for renewals or late payment. Carefully study the payment policy and choose a payment plan that best suits your need.

Customer Service

Generally, businesses leave an impression upon the first contact and you should be able to assess their customer service efficiency. A good company will be easily accessible via telephone, email and social media channels for prompt response to enquiries and complaints.

Organization and Orderliness

A visit to a facility will give you a clue about how it is being maintained. A good storage facility should be well organized. It should offer a range of packing materials such as bubble wraps, glass and boxes for the orderly arrangement of clients’ belongings. A well-maintained facility is a pointer that your items will be adequately cared for.

In your quest for an appropriate self-storage facility, you can rest assured that you’d get good value for your money if the above-mentioned qualities are meticulously considered.


Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.

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