All You Need To Know About Crossbows

Crossbows were used by disabled hunters only in earlier times but many states have allowed its usage for general hunting. These are stock-mounted bolts that shoot bolts which are now predominantly used for hunting and target shooting.

Crossbow hunting is gaining popularity in this era. In fact, it has increased in importance several notches higher. Here is everything you need to know about crossbows.


If you are planning to use a hunting crossbow, choose a suitable type which complements your needs and abilities.

  • Recurve crossbow: Compared to ordinary crossbows, these have longer draw length. This provides less hand shock and better acceleration. The, however, greater strain is produced on the bow structure itself. These are frequently used by professional archers, shooters, and hunters. They are even noisy to use so utilizing a silencer is preferable.

  • Compound crossbow: There are further categories in compound crossbow but all work in the same way. A string of compound is secured to pulleys connected by cables to opposite limb. The string will automatically draw back when preparing to take a shot which further turns the pulley and cables accordingly. The structure makes this crossbow relatively efficient when compared to others.

  • Pistol crossbow: These are relatively compact in size.

  • Rifle crossbows: Designed for better aim, these crossbows work operate like rifles. These are one of the most advanced models one can use. It can hit targets far away, however, such a powerful device requires more strength to launch the shot.

  • Bullet crossbows: These crossbows are named such because it shoots bullet-looking projectiles. These either come with string slot and barrel or a dual-string design.

  • Repeating crossbow: A person looking for a shortcut to the shooting process can use repeating crossbows. It only requires single movement and every other process will be completed. This increases the efficiency.

Crossbows offer a number of benefits:

  • One of the biggest advantages of using a crossbow is that once it is cocked, it doesn’t require any energy or effort to keep the crossbow at full draw. This enables the hunter to concentrate fully on aiming improving accuracy levels. All you have to do is squeeze the trigger when ready to shoot. For this reason, young or disabled hunters may avail crossbows rather than regular ones.

  • Crossbows are aimed in a similar manner as rifles. This makes it easier to shoot from sitting positions than a compound bow. This enhances accuracy, precision, and efficiency. They also work pretty well with telescopic sights. Such factors make it an excellent platform for hunters experienced with shooting rifles.

  • Crossbows can shoot projectiles considerably faster than compound bows.

On the other hand, crossbows also come with disadvantages as well. Here is a list:

  • The biggest disadvantage of hunting with a crossbow is that they are relatively larger and heavier than regular bows. It can typically weigh up to 6-7 pounds. The bulky shapes make it difficult to carry minimizing portability. This extra weight can sometimes even compromise on accuracy.

  • They are much slower to reload as well. This is partially due to heavy draw weights and overall size.

  • They are louder than regular bows. Hunting game requires a silent atmosphere. Noisier bows can create a risk of animal escaping.

Hunting and archery are one of the most popular sports worldwide. With the development of industry, hunting gear is getting more advanced, especially crossbows. If you are considering hunting with a crossbow, then take a look at above factors in order to get a well-informed idea. Each equipment has its own pros and cons. Just make sure that you are ready to deal with the cons when hunting.


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