Benefits of Using Instagram

Advancement of Internet has resulted in many unprecedented things. Social media is an off-shoot of Internet. Not only it has increased online socialization but also transformed the operations of businesses. Digital marketing through social media platforms is prevalent. Surveys prove that businesses utilizing the platforms have an edge over companies missing out on the opportunity.

Instagram is a popular image sharing application which has been used by numerous businesses to enhance their quality of operations. Millions of images are posted regularly with a rapid increment in the user base. The growth trajectory of Instagram is incredible. Once you get a decent follower base, a lot of benefits can be achieved. There are numerous ways to get free Instagram followers. Nevertheless, there are profuse advantages of using Instagram. Here are some of them listed:

  1. 1. Marketing
A picture speaks a thousand words. In this day and age, visual marketing is necessary. Businesses can avail the platform to market their product through visual means. Visuals are generally more attractive and eye-catching than texts. You can post images on Instagram to promote your product or service. Every businessman knows the importance of visual marketing in current financial climate. Instagram is an ideal place to execute your marketing strategies given that massive amount of people uses this social media application these days. It is a great way to reach your targeted and potential customers.

  1. 2. Engagement
Instagram encourages interaction and engagement. Businesses crave for customer loyalty. This can be achieved by providing exceptional quality and keeping in touch with your customers. Through uploading visuals of anything related to your business, you can increase interaction levels with your customers which will result in customer loyalty. Constant engagement with your customers will make them feel privileged bringing them back to your business. Your business can enhance sales in this way. It also helps to connect emotionally with your audience. Emotional connection will produce desired reactions in your customers. Use right images to emotionally connect with your customers to reach your goals effectively. You can use visuals to raise charity funds or celebrate any sort of achievement.

  1. 3. Online presence
Instagram is one way to increase your business’ online presence. Boosting your online presence is necessary for this digital day and age. If you want to increase your online visibility, consistently post on Instagram. Strategic use of hashtags will also enhance your visibility on Instagram. People will get to know more about you through your profile which will further benefit your business. You can drive traffic to your website through Instagram. You can put an active hyperlink in your profile’s bio. Mentioning your website will help you generate more traffic to your website.

  1. 4. Connect with the targeted audience
There are millions of people using Instagram so is your audience. You can cultivate your brand through Instagram. Instagram will help you to bridge the gap between you and your customers. Leverage the growing popularity of the social media giant. Even the customers want to know who you are. Instagram is an ideal medium for doing so.

  1. 5. It is fun
Finally, Instagram is entertaining. The fun part of Instagram is simply the best thing. It is not only a powerful source for marketing but also fun to use. There will be posts that will make you laugh and entertain you while doing business. Nothing can be better than a combination of fun and work.


The growing popularity of Instagram cannot be doubted. The application is getting more users regularly making it a more powerful source for businessmen and marketers. If you are still not availing the advantages of Instagram, start now.


Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.

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