Five Key Things to Consider for SEO

Basic knowledge of SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important for anyone who wishes to post any kind of web content. SEO was once easy to understand and interpretation by the search engines was not quite as complicated as it is now. Unfortunately, SEO knowledge is something you must constantly update yourself with if you don’t want to be left behind. But fortunately for you, we are here to alleviate that problem by telling you most of everything you have to consider for Search Engine Optimization. So let us begin without further ado.

It’s not Just about Words

Many of us who are not in touch with the game think that SEO means that you should use the same keywords over and over again. This is completely false information as current algorithms in top search engines like Google tend to filter out pointless keyword addition and focus on quality content. You can use variations of each keyword and the search engine will still recognize it but there is no way for you to climb on the top rankings if your content itself is below par.

Know Your Competition

You must know what kind of competition you are up against in the SEO market. We now know that SEO is not just about the content and keywords but also about the budget you have set. Keep in mind that for a set of keywords which are really in lately there will be many organizations paying many engines to keep their content above the rest. This is where creativity with the terms will play a part too but it won’t get you too far unless you increase your budget and don’t stick to a certain search engine which brings us to our next point…

Don’t Stick to One Search Engine

All content developers want their spot on the first page of Google. Sadly for us though we have to be a tad more realistic when posting our content. Focusing on Bing and Sacramento search engine optimization could prove to be quite beneficial to you and you would see yourself getting a lot more hits than you would with just Google.

Consider Your Ranking

It makes sense to think that if you are a new content developer that most search engines would not be familiar with you and hence you don’t really get any leverage. This is why you must work your way up in the rankings before taking on the big fish; that is the more popular keywords and hotter content. Most search engines would not consider a newbie trying to upload popular content.

Focus on the Webpage

Other than all that we have already mentioned, one thing that is of prime consideration is the webpage of your content. Make sure it has no technical issues, it is sped up enough for Google and that the site itself is easy to use. We may not know it but a good webpage is also of great value for SEO.


Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.

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