How Can You Watch Arabic Channels with IPTV?

Internet protocol television or IPTV as it is generally called is a technology through which television contents are streamed or delivered through logical IP address of a computer instead of being sent through the traditional satellite or cable.

The most important function or advantage of the IPTV is that it allows live and continuous streaming of television contents instead of asking the users to first download them and then stream them.

IPTV is not just internet TV but can be subscriber based high-speed streaming service also. You can easily replace your cable with IPTV services just by installing a simple IPTV box. So if you want to have IPTV installed at your home and you just want to replace your cable TV, here are some interesting facts for you:

IPTV can be live streaming, on-demand or time shifted

Your traditional cable tv can be live streaming only, IPTV can either be live-streaming, on-demand or time shifted.

In time-shifted videos, you can play and replay programs which are broadcast earlier. All these services can either be offered separately or can also be combined in one package of subscription.

Before getting IPTV Box, make sure you also check with your providers regarding prices of all packages.

IPTV services can be cloud based

Many cloud services are supported by the e-cloud services just to make sure the links which are used to access the media for live streaming are kept alive.

Such IPTV cloud services may have offered separately. Some cloud IPTV services can also offer you online radio services also.

IPTV can be offered in local languages also

Probably one of the biggest groups of customers for IPTV services is the local diaspora in different countries.

People like to see the TV channels they have been watching since their childhood and it makes a perfect sense. Arabic speaking population is diverse and is present in almost every country and they may look for best Arabic IPTV box to watch local contents in any corner of the world.

Similarly, IPTV boxes for Urdu, Hindi, Chinese and other local language contents are freely available.

You can easily find them through your service provider and watch your local channels streamed directly through the box instead of paying high monthly fees to your cable provider.

You need a high-speed broadband

IPTV technology is on the market since 1995 however, it could not flourish due to low-speed internet connectivity.

If you want to enjoy local or international contents on your IPTV box, make sure you have high-speed internet access and unlimited data plan also.

High speed and ultra-HD streaming may eat up data too quickly. Unlimited data plans can also be costly, therefore, make your calculations and do comparison vis a vis with your cable cost.


Having a box makes it easier to watch IPTV on your television but there are some apps which can even allow you to watch IPTV on your mobile devices.

Though a bit slower due to internet speed issues, some IPTV apps are handy when it comes to watching TV on the go.

You can also watch IPTV on your computer provided you have the IPTV services enabled through your service providers.

IPTV can be a great alternative to the cable or any other TV services provided you are ready to invest initially. They can stream local contents as well as international contents and you may be able to see some of the contents which are highly priced by cable TV Providers.

Something like this below

How to choose a good IPTV box?

Now IPTV boxes are offering more features than before, they do have Catchup, Timeshift, EPG (Electronic tv guide), Video on demand (VOD). There are also android tv boxes with Kodi and without Kodi, the CPU of the IPV boxes are getting faster and better, now there are Quad core android box and Octa core android box.

But it's not all IPTV boxes that offer this features, in order to choose an IPTV box with all this features you must read IPTV reviews


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