How is Instagram Better Compared to Other Social Media Sites?

Social media today has become a very broad term that cannot simply be used in itself to define what website a person is accessing for social accessibility because there is a constant competition between sites which continue to introduce new and better features. However, we feel that the best of these sites today is Instagram, and this article will define the main reasons why this is so.

  • Best for pictures: Instagram has a unique selection of filters and an interface that ensures that picture quality is not downgraded when it is uploaded. In addition, there are very easy ways for you to customize your pictures on Instagram and make them exactly how you want them to be.
  • Outreach: Instagram offers an unmatched social outreach well beyond your Instagram Followers through the use of meta data and the capacity for you to make sure your uploaded post reaches out to the audience you want. All you have to do is use a hash tag to get in touch with the authority you want to contact and you will have accessibility at your footstep.
The reason why this is better than other social media sites is that you can come in direct contact with one authority without being exposed to another you do not want your privacy to be attacked by. The privacy options, therefore, are just another element that add to the superiority Instagram has over other social media sites.

  • Regular Updates: Instagram has updates that are always visible, and you are automatically inclined towards using them. One update that came some time back was the introduction of Instagram stories which started taking over the fever of Snapchat that had been surfacing. Instagram stories allow people to keep up with events in your life as they happen.
There is also the function of live Instagram videos which is used by many celebrities because the option is not that famous on Facebook. In addition, Instagram was quite fast to keep up with other video based features (such as Boomerang) and picture filters, which acted as assurance that this application will keep on updating.

  • Great Marketing: On social media, genuine marketing is not always possible because there are many bogus sites. Instagram has relatively less of those because the team is very active in responding to requests of the blockade of accounts.
The interface also allows for great ways to represent your brand because even an older post is not very hard to access. This means that if you are introducing items in your storage for selling for good and do not want them to be overshadowed by new products on your own social media account, Instagram is the best bet. In addition, it also allows for the option of great sponsored messages; you can get in touch with the advertising authority and get to know of the charges you will have to pay to get your product across to individuals using your account. Responses to Instagram messages actually have a record of being relatively more frequent.


Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.

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