Seven Tips For Better Concierge Services

A local concierge can be one of the most valuable assets available to you. Concierge services whether they are independent agencies associated with a hotel or an airline are there to make your travel experience a memorable one. They are trained professionals with years of experience and quality networking relationships. The benefit of this vast knowledge is that they are able to handle a wide range of services from slight things like restaurant reservations to extreme situations like arranging a private jet as a compensation for your missed flight. Airport VIP concierge is expert in this regard.

Nevertheless, here are some tips you can follow to make most out of your concierge. Follow them to avoid disappointments:

  1. 1. Be detailed but specific
Concierge receives hundreds of requests on regular basis. It becomes difficult to remember details of each and every client. When making reservations, explain the services in detail your likes and dislikes. But make sure you remain specific. Don’t give a long list of things that is difficult to memorise. Keep it detailed but keep it specific.

  1. 2. Advance notice
This is not an easy task to do but concierge services need time to address your request. While travelling, try to make calls ahead so that preparations can be made properly and requests are handled in a better manner. Contacting few hours before to arrange a flight might not be a good idea. Manage the timings of your contact as well.

  1. 3. Build a relationship
Maintaining relationships is crucial so that the person who is serving you is able to adjust according to your needs. It may help the service to personalise according to your future requests and let them know what to look for.

  1. 4. Do not complain
There will be times when concierge will be unable to cater to some of your requests just because it may be impractical or illegal or simply out of their reach for some reasons. At these times, you need to be patient and not complain. Concierge services try to fulfil your requests at all the times. Do not make complaints about slightest of reasons.

  1. 5. Appreciation
Small things make the biggest difference. A small thank you might be appreciated by the industry. This makes sure that they will serve you in a better manner in future. Make sure you appreciate them if they manage to fulfill your expectations.

  1. 6. Ask questions
There is no such thing as stupid questions when it comes to concierge services. Regardless of the thing you want, there are chances that providers will have the right tools to make your wishes come true. Many people think their requests as unrealistic and impractical. There is no harm for inquiring for it.

  1. 7. Block options
Always make sure you call ahead to secure your options. If you are looking for a specific room in the hotel, call concierge in the morning and confirm your arrangements. This allows them to go ahead and you get your desired options.


Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.

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