Signs that Indicate it’s Time for a Divorce

Til death do we part are words oftentimes forgotten as the turmoil of marriage separates even couples who were once inseparable. Although divorce is never the anticipated outcome of a marriage, sometimes it is for the best interest of both parties in the relationship, as well as kids and family members and friends of the couple. Knowing when it's time to dissolve the marriage can save plenty of heartache and hassle, if only after the initial shock.

Is it Time to Divorce?

It's usually difficult to decide to call it quits in your marriage, especially after you've taken vows to spend your life with someone. But, some signs are too great to ignore and indicate the marriage should end as quickly as you can hire a divorce attorney to handle the matter. What are some of the signs that indicate the time to call an attorney has come?

  • Domestic Abuse
Abuse in a marriage is one of the biggest reasons to divorce. It is never acceptable to experience abuse at the hands of someone that you love, and who says they love you back. Ending the marriage now may very well save your life, and will certainly minimize anguish on your mental health.

  • Adultery is Never Acceptable
Adultery is another of the prime criteria for divorce. If you've made the decision to have a monogamous relationship, seeing your partner with another person, sexually or otherwise, is a heartbreaking experience that you should never accept. As the old saying goes, if they'll do it once, they'll do it again if you accept the behavior. It is hard to work past cheating in a marriage and many couples do eventually divorce.

  • Goodbye Love
When the love is gone, sticking around is only prolonging the inevitable, causing more unhappiness for both parties in the relationship. If you no longer see eye to eye with your partner, envision yourself with someone else, have no respect for your spouse, or constantly argue and bicker, do not stick around in the relationship.

  • You've Tried
All marriages have ups and downs, but when the downs occur more frequently, and you're unable to talk your issues out, or if marriage counseling and therapy have failed to work, the time for divorce may be near. Saving a marriage is possible, but unfortunately, many couples are unable to overcome the obstacles that have caused the damage initially.

Divorce Lawyers Ease the Stress of Divorce

Divorce lawyers work in the best interest of the client, ensuring the desired outcome of the case. The lawyer completes the mounds of paperwork associated with a divorce, but their benefits do not stop there. An attorney ensures the division of property, including assets and debts. He can assist with child custody and child support issues, and can also help with spousal support if it is requested. Divorce lawyers also minimize the amount of contact necessary between yourself and spouse, keeping emotions and conflict, at bay.


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