Six Top Fitness and Exercise Machines

Going to a gym or deciding on equipment for your home can be a daunting task because of all the different kinds of machines we have available these days. You can one day realise that your body needs some toning, you go to the gym once and never again because your workout was so haphazard and you had no idea what to go to.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best exercise machines for cardio and strength training so you can tone your muscles right up. Later on, you can visit 10machines to check the reviews of the best exercise machines as well. So without any further ado, we present to you the best fitness and exercise machines.


The best exercise and fitness machine available is and has been for a long time is the treadmill. It is very convenient to use, is available in many different types, all of them being exceptionally effective and it is sure to make you work up a sweat, even if you’re just walking. You can adjust the speed according to the kind of workout you want and go at it with full vigour or while listening to your favourite track.

Stationary Cycle

Another classic, this piece of exercise equipment has been around for a long time and rightfully so. The stationary cycle hardly puts any strain on your needs and delivers a great impact on your thigh muscles at the same time. You can go back and forth to give all your leg muscles the same workout. Again, this is a machine which you can spend a long time on without really tiring yourself out.

Stair Mill

Ever heard the old grandma’s tale of going up and down a stair case being the best kind of work out? Well, that tale still holds true but mainly if you’re going up and not down. This is why the stair mill was invented in the first place. Your knees do not get a harmful strain and you get one hell of a workout.


An elliptical is a fairly low impact machine which works great for all your muscles as you are working out while standing up without putting any strain on your knees. It is the kind of workout you can do at any age and in almost any condition.

Rowing Machines

Initially thought to be only helpful for the upper body, the rowing machine is actually a wonderful piece of equipment for a full body workout. This machine gives a great cardio workout as it tackles some serious calories.

Horizontal Seated Leg Press

We can all agree that leg muscles are the hardest to tone and finding good machines that tackle all the relevant ones is not easy. Enter the Horizontal Seated Leg Press. It is better for strength training than for cardio but it tones your legs to the desired shape. For most people, this is the best machine for a lower body workout.


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