Top 10 Websites to Learn Mathematics

The four letter word ‘math’ is a nightmare for many. You are maybe here right now because of the frustration and stress mathematics have given you. But fortunately, there is good news for you.

You can improve your relationship with math by using the right tools, practising it regularly and renewing the confidence in yourself. Math is even considered by some as refreshing subjects. Playing with numbers and alphabets specifically in algebra can have a revitalising effect on your mind. But still many of them find it the most difficult subject on this planet.

To help you, there are many services like math tutor santa clarita to improve your problem-solving skills. Nevertheless, here are the top ten websites to learn mathematics:

  1. 1. Patrick JMT
JMT here stands for ‘Just Math Tutorials’. This website has a clear range of categories on tonnes of topics. You can just scroll down on their homepage to have detailed insights into mathematics.

The videos are clear and more visually appealing than other sites. It is an amazing website if you are facing difficulties regarding mathematics.

  1. 2. Khan Academy
This website has gained immense popularity in the past few years. It is full of helpful videos explaining a variety of math topics. After logging into the platform, you will have to give a pre-test so that the potential can be analysed. Browse the video library to cover topics like Trigonometry and Calculus.

  1. 3. Arcademics
This website is created with an idea of a combination of academics and arcade. There are many free multiplayer educational games. These games are designed keeping in mind the online safety. All kind of elementary concepts are been covered however there are other subjects like arts and geography under its scope.

  1. 4. Paul’s online math notes
The objective of this website is to provide a set of free online note and tutorials. Notes are available for Algebra, Calculus and other topics. The notes are written in a simple way that is easily understandable.

There are practice problems available as well that students can solve. Cheat sheets are even made for different topics for student’s assistance. All the facts and formulas are compiled in one place.

  1. 5. Hooda math
This website is intended to help kids practice and learn through computer games which prove to be entertaining as well. Games focus on topics like addition, subtraction, fractions, integers and other basic topics.

  1. 6. Math pickle
This website is designed to assist all the students facing difficulties in math. You can take mini-lessons and do them with your kids as well. It is a pretty flexible website where you can practice math in your own way, either it is a game or a fun project. It has video support, discussion boards and inspiring games.

  1. 7.
As soon as you will visit this website you will see a vast list of topics, lessons, examples and worksheets. It is an ideal platform for students who want to learn Algebra in detail.

  1. 8. Cliff’s notes
Cliff’s notes have been popular with students who were frustrated reviewing long books before the test. The little overviews on this website are of immense help. A number of topics like differential equations and statistics are covered.

  1. 9. Education world
As it sounds, this is an ideal place to acquire math-related education. It provides you with a variety of math resources that anyone can take advantage of.

  1. 10. Art of problem solving
This math website has a lot of stuff including discussions, math competition, information and much more. There are quality videos on a multitude of subjects. It is an easy to use website with videos categorised properly in topics and subtopics.


Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.

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