Top 5 Benefits of Using Email Services

Many people think that email has become obscure and outdated in today’s world of instant messaging and sharing. These people usually have layman thinking since they do not see how email services are still the central control of any form of internet activity you decide to do.

If you want to register yourself on a website and do not want to give away your actual email address, you have to option of getting fast temporary emails as well, if you simply look it up online; the point being that you still need an email address to gain access to most of the content available on the internet.

Your email address is your most basic internet identity and we are going to tell you some of the biggest advantages that are still being provided to you by the use of email services.

File Sharing

The first benefit we would like to shed light upon is the ease of file sharing granted with the use of your email address. A great example of this is using Google Docs for sharing documents. To use Google docs or any other service like Google drive or Google Sheets, you need a valid email address with which you can create your documents online and share them with whoever you choose, provided that he or she have their own valid email id as well. The most capacity of sharing online files with someone is also granted to you by email services.

Content Quality

Secondly, the best way to share files like images and music with someone online and without having to compromise on quality is through email. If you share a photo with someone on a messenger, you will notice a significant reduction in the size and quality of the image. The same can applied to music.


Other than that, the kind of privacy that you get by communicating through your email address is something no other portal has to offer. Your messages go through great encryption and filters to make sure no one gets to read them. In fact, the websites that have access to your email ID also cannot harm your personal data and privacy since their existence depends on your loyalty which they are sure to lose if they mess around.


You are the most accessible to those who want to reach out to you through your email address. For example, you can find in your email many newsletters which tell you about the happenings in your area or have discounts and sales to offer. If your employer wants to contact you, he or she will also use email services to keep it professional.


Nowadays, your emails have filters on them so you can separate out one thing from another. For example, Gmail has separated your primary inbox from any social website mails or promotions you get. The spam folder is entirely different and stuff in that folder gets deleted automatically after about thirty days.


Awais Ahmed is a student, blogger and digital marketer who helps small entrepreneurs to improve their online presence. He has a range of interests including technology, apps and small business.

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