Water Heater Buying Guide - How to Find The Best Water Heater

Do you get irritated when you run out of hot water while taking a shower? Is your old water heater taking too much time to fill the tank with hot water? You can overcome these troubles by installing a tankless water heater in your bathroom. The tankless types do not store hot water, but instantly produce it as and when required.

With a tankless water heater, you no more have to wait for the hot water to get stored in the tank before you could use it. You could also ensure that only the amount of water you require is being heated up. So, additional energy is not wasted in heating the extra water that you might not use.

Features to consider before buying

1. Type of fuel: There are two types of tankless water heaters - electric heaters and the gas heaters. When it comes to the gas heaters, you need to consider whether the appliance uses natural gas or propane. You also need to take care of the venting needs. In the case of electric heaters, find the voltage, amperage, and circuit. You should contact a reputed plumber to install these appliances properly.

2. Location, size, and requirement: Before installing a tankless water heater, you need to consider the area where you need the device to be connected. Decide whether you need it in the first-floor bathroom or on the topmost storey. You also need to make sure whether you need such an appliance for your bathroom or near your kitchen sink. Make an estimate of the number of fixtures you'd like to install.

You can also buy such an appliance based on factors like -

  1. 1. Single point application

  2. 2. Controlled flow to serve two faucets simultaneously

  3. 3. Thermostatic

  4. 4. Indoor or outdoor usage
Infinite Hot Water from One Small Tank

These energy efficient units reheat water on demand instead of allowing the hot water to be used and then run out before reheating more. For those who have significant hot water needs, like families with several children or several roommates living together, this can lead to significant energy savings during the year.

Homes with a spa or hot tub can also benefit from the tankless hot water system. Do you plan to swap out your existing water heater, especially a 40 or 50-gallon traditional tank to the bigger 66 to 80 gallon larger water storage tank? It is highly recommended you give consideration to installing one of the tankless solutions you have available to you.

Provided the people in the home rely on a flow rate of water that falls below the maximum flow the tankless unit can deliver, there is no recovery the tank requires. Thus, for the first hour of usage, there is unlimited water available. To measure the flow rate for a tankless unit, it is determined by the gallons it produces per minute which is further based on 25-50 degree heat increase and a four to eight gallon per minute production of water.

When you invest in a tankless hot water capable of generating four gallons of hot water per minute, this will offer you the ability to take a single shower and operate one appliance simultaneously. If you get a unit that generates seven gallons of hot water per minute, you will have enough water for two showers to run simultaneously and you can operate a big appliance at the same time as well.

Storage Increasing Space-Saving Unit

The size of the tankless unit is one of its most coveted features - it offers an incredibly smaller footprint, so you get more space for storage. The space saving feature from the tank stems from the fact that instead of resting on the floor, the tankless unit is wall mounted. There are even units made for outdoor install meaning that no square footage inside the home is wasted.

Be it the installation, maintenance, or repairing, these are the tips that you should always keep in your mind to ensure that you get the best tankless water Heater services. Do you wish to buy a tankless water heater that will never disappoint you? Definitely, you need the best.


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