What is Urban Carry and How to use it?

Are you a gun enthusiast? Do you have a firearm which you wish to carry with you discreetly? It’s easy, get a holster! But ordinary gun holsters have hundreds of considerations. Sure, they too are useful but it’s difficult to be discreet about carrying your weapon by using any ordinary holster. You have to be careful about what clothes you wear, you need to keep checking for an imprint etc. So what do you do in this situation? Get yourself an urban carry! So what exactly is an Urban Carry?

What is an Urban Carry?

An Urban Carry is a gun holster that takes care of all your needs. It is made of pure leather and instead of tucking it over or under your waistline, you actually just clip it on to your belt. The actual holster then hangs below your waist. It’s very convenient. The best part about an urban Carry is that you do not have to put too much thought into its use.

With ordinary gun holsters, you must make sure to wear baggy clothes. But, with an Urban Carry gun holster, you can wear tighter clothes or even skinny jeans without being too flustered about carrying a firearm.

You also do not need to worry about any imprint of the gun holster on your pants. Because of the protective layering of the Urban Carry, you can easily carry your gun around and even though there will be a bulge, it will not be sharp enough for anyone to realize that you’re carrying a gun. The bulge or imprint can look like a cellphone in your pocket.

If you have what is the best Urban Carry for your needs, it’s easy to use it for easy and very rapid un-holstering. Basically, if you are a gun enthusiast and you want to carry your firearm with you wherever you go, an Urban Carry is a brilliant option.

How to use an Urban Carry

The best way to find out how to use an Urban Carry is by watching video tutorials online. This is because they give you detailed explanations and demonstrations on how to use an Urban Carry. There are some considerations which we will talk about, though.

Firstly, like all pure leather objects, it is best that you break into your Urban Carry before you start using it for everyday purposes. This is because at first it could be stiff and difficult to open and all but after you break into it, it becomes easy and you can use your Urban Carry to its fullest potential. For this purpose, it is best that you practice re-holstering of your firearm.

Other than that, please be careful to wear your pants on the waist line instead of below or above to ensure proper holstering. Even though wearing your pants above or below the waistline does not hinder with the holstering, the bulge of the holster will look unsightly and out of place.


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