Why are More and More People Converting their Loft Space on their Property?

People in the developed world owning residential properties are constantly looking for ways to improve or extend or develop their property.

It is an acknowledged fact throughout the world that if you expand or improve a property, you increase not only the sale-ability of property but potentially the value of the property (not to mention improvements to a home make it a more pleasant place to live).

One of the most cost effective means of extending and developing a home are through what is known as “Loft conversion”.

So What Is Loft Conversion?

Loft (attic) conversion is a form of home extension that involves structural adaptations to a homes' loft to make it habitable; it can be made into a range of different rooms (including the following but not limited to):

  • Additional bedroom(s)
  • Sauna/ Steam room
  • Bedroom(s) with en suite
  • Observatory
  • Study
  • Home Office
  • Cinema Room
  • And the list goes on.
Facts About Loft Conversion:

  1. A good loft conversion can increase the value of a home by up to 20%, homes' value can be increased exponentially through attic conversions (especially with the introduction of extra bedrooms' and a study).

  2. Loft conversions can increase the usable space of a property by 30% - this is a huge potential increase in space and this will undoubtedly boost the sale-ability of a home.

  3. A conversion can be carried out within the space of around 6 weeks (this can be influenced by individual requirements from the client commissioning the work, some conversions can take longer because they are more complex).

  4. There are four main types of loft conversion, dormer, hip to gable, velux, and mansard, it is best to speak with a reputable, qualified and experienced architect about which would be the most appropriate for your property.
Other advantages to loft conversion:

  • Some people choose to rent out the converted attic space to tenants, this can be an additional revenue stream for owners of a property and is worth looking into.

  • Allowance of more natural light, this can reach through further into the property and during daylight hours it's possible to save money on electric due to the extra sunlight.

  • Conversions, once completed often look spectacular and can be a superb addition to a home.
How Much Does It Cost To Have A Loft Converted?

The cost of converting a loft can be influenced by a number of different factors:

  1. The size of the loft space – It will generally cost more to convert a loft space that is larger, because there is a larger area to work on, more materials needed and generally more labour costs to be factored into the pricing.

  2. The materials used and if there are any individual requests that may increase cost – this is self-explanatory.

  3. The company you used and the service level agreement – quotes will vary from one company to the next, keep this in mind when planning your attic conversion.
One recommended loft conversions company is Bristol conversions (based in the south west of England) but there are many reputable attic conversion companies in circulation that may operate locally or nationally.


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