How to Practice your Closing Sales Skills

This is a great question that I get asked. How would you practice your closing sales skills? The way I did it when I was first learning was on my family. After all, if you can't convince your family to do something your skills need some work.

I started small, an exercise I can give you is: everybody wants to go out for supper, but to different restaurants. Your assignment should you choose to accept it is; convince everyone to go to the restaurant that you want. Keep in mind you are selling them on your choice. Yes, sales skills are that easy! Be professional, convincing and then savor the meal. Practice your closing sales techniques in your day to day life. Once you are aware that you already have sales skills and closing sales skills that you are comfortable with the transition to closing a business sale is easier because you have more confidence in your abilities.

I asked friends and family to practice with me. This was when I practiced my business sales skills. The particular skills I want to work on was listening and then communicating effectively to them what my business could do to help them solve the problem. I told them what I wanted to work on and let them make up the scenario, that way I had no idea what to expect. I lost a couple of sales, they were tough on me. The unanticipated benefit of this was that I was not only working on what I felt I need practice on but developing improved communication skills. The more I practiced the more I believed in myself I found that I became less anxious about saying something wrong.

Writing different scripts is helpful when you practice your closing sales skills. Read it to yourself in front of the mirror or use a tape recorder to tape your practice sessions. Play it back and identify the areas you would like to improve. Your closing sales techniques, sales skills and sales closing skills are uniquely yours. Get to know your customer by listening to them, identify the problem your product or business can solve and communicate the solution to the customer in a way that the customer is also convinced that the solution you are providing is going to resolve the problem.


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