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Let's say you have a home page, sometimes called the index page and register the URL with several search engines, the spiders will then 'crawl' the page and index it, hence the name index page. Each search engine does this differently so, it makes sense to ensure that your opening paragraph is carefully written to accurately reflect what your site covers because some of the search engine spiders only publish the opening paragraph.

You may be able to help with your natural search optimization by using meta tags. Not all search engines crawl meta tags, but adding them will help with the ones that do and not make a bit of difference to the search engines that don't.

The meta tags should be at the top of your index page, inside the head /head tags, just after the title /title. It follows the usual form of tags, meta name="something" content="something else" but you don't have to have a /meta at the end of the tag, the way that you do with something like strong /strong.

example of meta tags are:

meta name="robots" content="index,follow"

This HTML code tells the "robots", "spiders" to follow or crawl the other pages in your website, providing you have them linked in one form or another.

meta name="copyright" content= "Copyright (c) (the year) by (whoever or whatever)"

This code tells the search engine spiders that your web site is copyrighted, the year it was copy written and who the rights belong to.

meta name="keywords" content="your list of keywords comma separated"

This meta tag allows your website to show in natural search for appropriate, relevant keywords.

All tags must have this symbol at the beginning

This is just one area where you can improve your SEO ratings and natural search optimization. The most important thing to remember is to keep everything relevant to your website or you will not get the results you are looking for. To appear on the first page in the natural search of the search engines using meta tags and keywords, keep in mind they must be accurate, relevant and in no way misleading.


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