Changing Your Career Path

When I was a young thing – you were considered to be a poor employee if you were not able to ‘hang on’ to your job for your working life. Now you are considered to be somewhat of a dinosaur if you do!

The fact that you are likely to change your job and even the type of business you are in, three to eight times in your working life, means that you should consider this when undertaking your initial training for a career.

This does not mean that you should not train for and begin in an area of your first choice – but it does mean that you need a mind set that will enable you to change direction mid stride and that you are prepared to continue training throughout your life.

However there is another problem that is engulfing many of us these days and that is that the type of jobs we want (especially at the dollar level we are used to) just may not be available. This is one of the reasons for the mass exodus from being an employee to being an entrepreneur and running your own business.

Currently over 67% of all small business in Australia is run from home. And why is that? In many cases it is because people are trialling a business idea they have and want to see if it would be successful before taking it to the next level. When they are sure that their business idea will work, something they might not have expected occurs. They find they actually like working from home. They can be with their loved ones and enjoy the flexibility of time allocation; they also reduce travel time and continue reduced overheads, by staying at home.

This phenomenon opens up another door of opportunity for many ‘would be’ business operators. This new age entrepreneur needs further training in the area of business and they want it quickly and at a time that suits them. Consequently formal classroom training over a number of weeks (or years) is not for them. So where do we find the trainers for this emerging sector?

There are a number of careers that would have the skills set to enable training to take place e.g. teachers, nurses, sociologists, counsellors etc. So this group could change career path and train the start up businesses – but even though they have the skills to do the training they also need knowledge in the small and micro business sector.

What often happens is those with good training skills have no real knowledge (only theory – when this new group want practical support and advice) and those with some knowledge do not have the training skills e.g. local government employees making a change.

Consequently there is a massive growth in Business and Lifestyle Coaching where the coach may be formally trained or just decide to call themselves a coach! It is because of this diversity of skill sets of existing coaches and the great disparity of costs they charge, that makes the micro and home based business operators sceptical and very wary.

So, what is the solution? It would seem logical that those with training skills (even trained coaches) need to access content that is relevant, cost effective and above all, contains vital, practical information for them to provide to the start up business operator.

There are experts in the field of micro and home based businesses who have designed presentations for this sector that fulfil all the essential requirements mentioned above. The good news is that some of these experts are prepared to license their value packed information sessions so that you, the trainers, can ensure that you have the essential information required. Coaches can also add to their portfolio by licensing some of the Presentations.

So if you are looking for a career change – consider becoming a trainer and help the thousands who are also changing direction and need speedy, relevant and practical support.


Barbara Gabogrecan is an award winning artist, author, and presenter. She devotes her time to assisting the Micro and HBB operator by producing programmes and specialised web sites to make their lot easier


Barbara Gabogrecan is a renowned artist and author who specialises in assisting the Micro and Home Based Businesses

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