Staging Art

Anna Leena Magnusson used watercolor right on her walls to turn a small apartment into a wonderful, nourishing, bright, exciting space. When she moved, she just washed it off and got her whole security deposit back.

Mildred B. Homiak, plagued with an allergic daughter, used painted canvas "rugs" to brighten up her floors. When she got tired of them, she had the option of moving them to another place or having them repainted for new looks when changing furniture or even for the season. Her daughter still keeps down dust by using hand-painted silk tablecloths for decoration.

People are painting their refrigerators, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, sinks, creating the dinner service they could never find or the summer glass set with just the images they like. Imagine a literal family tree or family garden room complete with family names gracing a hall or family room.

Staging art means designing the ambiance, look, mood, color scheme that suits your personality within the spaces where you live and work. Staging art means designing with an artist the changes that will make your new furniture or new piece of furniture or new art acquisition make the highest possible impact in its space. Imagine the possibilities. You can paint on almost anything. You can make a huge variety of your possessions you have unique, tailored just for you and your current mood.

Is this a new concept? Perhaps for homes and offices, but it is definitely a concept that theatre and show stage designers have been doing for centuries. Remember Zeigfeld? Too long ago? Remember "River Dance?" Didn't catch it? How about "Chicago," the movie with Richard Gere? In fact, remember every movie you ever saw. None of the environments were accidents, but rather staged and designed to enhance the movie's impact. For stage and movie sets, you probably know, the set operates as another character.

Here is the way Staging Art works. You choose to make your art dreams a reality, literally building art into the spaces you want to pop with an exciting visual impact. Room by room you redesign your spaces. This is an amazing, fun project, room by room, your home, office, vacation space changes.

What if messing with the walls and/or ceilings sounds really scary to people you live with? You can tell them watercolors wash off, unlike oils and acrylics and stains that are difficult to cover. You can tell them that Spackling fills in holes. You can also tell them that wonderful art ambiance reduces stress, increases creativity, improves moods. Check it out with your own knowledge. Have you ever heard people arguing and being awful to each other in art museums or galleries? I never have in 60 years.

Let yourself go. Play with ideas. Plan exciting looks. Then, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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