Crucial Element of Any Web Site Is ONE Thing

When you think about your web site and the chance to increase its ranking in major search engines your probably consider the task daunting. Fact is, there are a number of small SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, that when combined, accumulate to become contributing factors to help you rank.

These numerous items can be learned quite easily through some careful reading of the right resources. But do they really matter in the grand scheme of things?

No single small element of SEO will alter your rankings in a big way. However, there is in my opinion the single most important element when you’re building a web site that outweighs all the others. That factor is TITLES.

Titles are crucial and hold so much weight that if you have your titles wrong but everything else in the web site ‘right’, you’ll find out in a hurry nothing works.

Two items you need to recognize when considering the vast importance of titles.

You MUST have unique titles for each new page of content. It’s OK to have your brand at the end of the title, but the core concise and coherent explanation of the page MUST be included within the title element*.

*The title element is found in your HTML code in between the

. It’s what Google uses to rank web site and the title you find in search engine results. Once against, a CRUCIAL element of any web site that can never be ignored.

Your title element must be concise and unique, but you should also build your content with adequate and focussed titles. That will encourage readers to not only click, but read your article, or scan your products.

In marketing, the title can make or break your content. If it’s a lackluster title then you may have a flop on your hands. The different between great content and average always starts with the quality of your title.

Entice your readers to click your web site, then entice them again to read through your web site. The good thing about ensuring coherent, concise, and relevant titles is that Google treats them in a similar way. You’ll reap the benefit of interested users, and a search engine that will know clearly when to display your page in their search results for a related query.

Titles, it’s where it’s at, and if you don’t do anything else to your web site (SEO wise) other than creating unique title tags, you’ll probably get away with a decent profitable web site.


Distinct SEO is a unique web marketing consultation firm that combines web marketing with the power of search engine optimization. The Calgary based SEO consulting and web development firm strives to to create sustainable long term value added web solutions unique to web sites big and small.

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