The L.I.F.E. Approach to Positive Humor

Going the extra mile is a day-to-day issue for us as speakers. In writing and preparing our presentations we must go that extra mile to give our audiences what they deserve and give meeting planners what they demand. Making travel arrangements, marketing our products and services, writing books and articles, re-writing books and articles (and speeches, and marketing materials and introductions, bios, proposals and business plans) all require that "extra mile effort, too. You see, where we are today and where we' d like to be, is usually an extra mile further than we anticipate.

Great are the rewards a speaker experiences and so are the stresses. L.I.F .E. and my new book Practice Safe Stress are all about improving our lives by minimizing the stress that interferes with our day-to-day living. The L.I.F.E. Approach reminds us, as Lilly Tomlin points out that, "LAUGHTER improves the shelf life of our sanity." Indeed it does! The essence and philosophy behind L.I.F .E. is in How we generate LAUGHTER and tap into our sense of humor.

"I" stands for INTROSPECTION. It is vital for each of us to look inside and examine the situations that typically cause us stress. While we are "in there" we can draw upon other experiences to help us find some humor to dissipate the stress.

The FIVE MINUTE FUN FLING is perhaps the most important of the stress-lessening exercises I prescribe. The Five Minute Fun Fling is a brief shot of humor we give ourselves each day to correct our attitude and perception of stress, to generate the creativity we need to resolve most any stressful situation.

"E" is the ENERGY, ENTHUSIASM AND ENJOYMENT that will evolve by adopting the L.I.F .E. Approach to improve your life.

Practice Safe Stress explores meaningful anecdotes and simple, fun techniques to find and use your inner sense of humor to minimize day-to-day stress.


“Just a note to thank you for a wonderful presentation on Friday. Our members really enjoyed themselves and have used some of the tools you taught them. Your sense of humor is catching and it was a pleasure working with you.”

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