Do you know your organization’s “Execution Quotient”?

“Execution Quotient” or “xQ” for short – measures the gap between an organization’s goals and how well it achieves them. It’s like measuring the organization’s IQ for achieving results. Why do so many organizations find it difficult to execute their strategies and achieve results? Harris Polling surveyed 2.5 million workers to ask about this and they found the following shocking results:

  • 22% of workers understand their organization’s goals
  • 10% of workers said their teams have clear, measurable, deadline driven work goals
  • 17% of workers said their teams try and solve problems creatively
  • 15% of workers said their teams have trusting “win-win” environments
  • 15% of workers said their teams have resources and freedom to do the job
So what can organizations do to become better at executing their plans and get results? The answer: get serious and apply the following eight steps:

  1. Create a sense of urgency in the organization about the need to change
  2. Form a powerful guiding coalition to guide the change
  3. Create a vision for the organization
  4. Communicate the vision to everyone who needs to know it
  5. Empower employees to act on the vision
  6. Plan for and create short-term wins and celebrate them
  7. Consolidate improvements and produce more change
  8. Institutionalize new approaches in the organization’s culture
Some organizations have the determination and grit to go through this process by themselves but many need the help of an external coach to guide them. This is like having a personal trainer at the gym or a golf coach to improve your swing. So if your organization is not getting the results it desires take a look at your organization’s “xQ”—it just might be the wake-up call you need to set the change process in motion!


Ben Nash is the editor-in-chief of He is the founder and chief developer of the blog, providing tech/design support as well as tips and book reviews. Ben has held many interesting jobs in his professional career, including: barista, landscaper, public policy intern, barista (again), professional horse wrangler, ski lift attendant (aka "liftie"), political science teaching assistant, marketing and sales assistant, and an ecommerce/web d...

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