Is Printed Marketing Material Dead?

Printed material has been around for hundreds of years but with more and more people using the Internet as an advertising medium will newspapers, magazines and books cease to exist?

The answer is no, print advertising will be around for many years to come. Did you know that over 33% of households in the UK in 2007 didn’t have Internet access? Printed material is a unique medium to support your marketing campaign; unlike television and radio advertisements print can be kept for future reference.

Designing for Print

To achieve maximum results you should combine your online marketing with professional printed material reaching maximum target audiences. In today’s economy it is evermore important to advertise, keeping your brand in the public eye, giving you the edge over your competitors and inspiring confidence in your products or services.

When design any advertisement for on and offline use, you want results. You advert should adopt the AIDCA principal.

A = Attention - Headline

I = Interest / Pictures

D = Desire / Body Copy

C = Conviction / logos - years established / experience levels

A = Action / Call to action

When advertising with a cross media campaign, you shouldn’t judge results after a short length of time. Advertising is like a snowballing effect, so you will see some results in the short term but more results in the long-term, if, your campaign is handled correctly in a professional manner.

To finalise print material will be around for many years to come, cross media advertising (On and Offline efforts) are the future of advertising in the 21st century, supporting and complimenting each other reaching 100% of your targeted audience.

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