A New Measurement of Leadership Success

At this time in human evolution, our world and its inhabitants are in critical need of high caliber leaders with integrity. What we are experiencing however, is an alarming display of leadership corruption, fraud, greed, and a disquieting lack of regard for the needs of the greater good.

As leaders we must embrace values that give the fullest meaning to personal existence and bring stability sustainability and hope to the future of mankind.

Our future will reflect the values, morals and ethics that are instilled in society largely through leadership.

As to measuring the contribution of ethical social and cultural values in the workplace, I believe that there is a way:

I have come up with a concept, VOP. The Value of People could be measured by employee surveys, customer surveys, Turnover, Retention, Performance Data and other data that someone more analytical than me could develop into a valid and relevant statistic. VOP would summarize and give a point in time indicator of the well being of the human side of the balance sheet. VOP would be a part of financial reporting and stimulate executive discussions about the overall morale and vitality of an organization.

I invite anyone interested in furthering this concept to get in touch.


Liftoff Leadership is spearheaded by seasoned business leader, Betty Shotton. Betty has over 25 years experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and leadership consultant. She has founded and led several recognized real estate and aviation organizations including a publically traded company. Today she is an active speaker and consultant, as well as the author of “Liftoff Leadership” due for release with Beaufort Books in Spring 2011. Full bio can be found at www.liftofflea...

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