Google Primer: 10 things you need to know (Part 1)

Google Primer: 10 things you need to know. There is rampant misconception regarding how Google works, as related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I hear these misconceptions so much that I decided to write a Top 10 list of things you need to know about Google. Here we go!

1. Google is the boss of you. Google is a gigantic company and they got this way by making a ton of money off of those little advertisements that most people say they ignore. Go figure. industry analysts go over every morsel of information that Google leaks out, trying to discover what it really means and how it will impact the rest of the world. Google is so big that it is believed to account for around 10% of all the Internet activity throughout the world. Google is definitely the boss of you...and me.

2. You can't control Google. When you bring a new website online make changes to an existing website website, it is not you who makes Google visit your site. Google bot activities are predetermined by top-secret algorithms and they pretty much do what they want, based on those rules.

3. Google decides when (or if) to visit you. Back in the day, you could wait months for an initial visit, but the time gap is much less these days if you let Google know you are out there.

4. Google may not respond immediately to a content change. One estimate is that there are more than 63 billion web pages in existence and 250,000 new web pages added each day. Google bots work tirelessly to discover, index, and relate all of these pages with the intent of giving web searchers the most relevant results possible.

5. Google decides if what you have is worth indexing...or re-indexing. Once a Google bot visits your website, it may do nothing but flag you for a return visit. Google algorithms change, so what may have looked like something to evaluate one time may appear differently the next time.

Reasons 6 through 10 are in part 2...go there now!


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