Use Title Tags to Educate and Stimulate

Have you ever noticed that when you move your mouse over a website image, a little text window sometimes pops up that, hopefully, gives you additional helpful information about something to do with the website? This is typically accomplished using what is known as “Alt” tags. In this article, you will be introduced to something even better and they are called Title tags.

What are “tags?” Tags are an HTML term to denote something that attaches or “tags” onto something on a web page. These tags are intended to enhance the item being attached to in some significant way.

What is a Title tag? Title tags are different from your page title and are a great way to further express or reinforce content already on the web page. Title tags can be used with a variety of things, but most often are used with either images or text. Before Title tags, there was no good way to further explain linked text on a web page. Title tags can be used with either images or text and can be used along with image Alt tags. They function in exactly the same way as Alt tags and have a similar format in the HTML code on a web page.

How can a Title tag help me? Title tags are very nice in that they can help you to further explain text or images throughout your website. You can use them for elements within a menu system and anyplace where you have linked text or images whether the images are linked or not. It is important that the Title tag content is relevant to the web page text associated with it and that the page being linked to is relevant as well. Since Title tags “pop up” on the web page, you can also use them as a sort of “call to action” since they definitely grab the visitor’s attention.

Whether a visitor to your website actually moves their mouse over your images and linked text or not, Title tags can still greatly benefit you. Search engines use Title tag content as part of their assessment of each page on your website. The more relevant your Title tag content is to your linked text and the content surrounding it, the better of a score you will receive.

You will find that by adding Title tags to your website, you will not only educate and stimulate your human visitors, you will also educate and stimulate search engine “bots” as well and this can only strengthen your position on the web. Get working on those Title tags today!


Bill Golden, founder of Golden Web Design Services, has grown up with technology since the early 1980s. As the first “PC Guru” for a US Midwest Fortune 500 company, he directed a variety of corporate development initiatives over a 17 year period. Bill then managed a technical training company before starting his own consulting practice in 2001, specializing in website development, marketing, and search engine optimization. If you are interested in learning more about how Bill can ...

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