Why Cross-linking Your Website is a Great Idea

The term “cross-link” may sound like a foreign language to you, but it is a great website content enhancer. In this article, you will learn exactly what cross-linking is and how to use to help you and search engines better understand your website.

What is cross-linking? Cross-linking refers to web content that you have on a particular page that links to another page on your website. This is also know as anchor text. As an example, say you have an web page that talks about woodpecker feeders and in one of your paragraphs you mention that suet is the preferred food of woodpeckers. If you also have a page on your website that talks about suet, you would link the word suet from your woodpecker-feeder page to your suet page.

How can cross-linking help your website visitors? Using the above example, someone reading the woodpecker-feeder page may want to know more about what suet is and, because the word is linked, they know they can click the word and be taken to more information about suet. By repeating this cross-linking process throughout your website, you will create an intricate information web that will not only enhance your visitors education regarding your website, but generate visitor appreciation as well for your efforts.

How can cross-linking help search engines help you? When a search engine “bot” visits your website, they follow your menu navigational structure and they also follow any linked text you may have on your site. Having lots of cross-links on your web pages gives the search “bot” a warm and fuzzy (extremely non-technical term) feeling about your site, overall. An important note is that when you use cross-linking, the linked or landing page must be relevant to the originating word that is doing the linking. You can also set these links up to not only arrive at a relevant page, but actually scroll down to a specific spot on the page that closely relates to the source text doing the linking.

It’s all about being helpful. The effort you make to help your website visitors understand what your website is all about, the better chance you have of selling your product or service or, at the very least, communicating your message. The natural effort you make will translate into ranking dividends when search engine “bots” pay you a visit as well.


Bill Golden, founder of Golden Web Design Services, has grown up with technology since the early 1980s. As the first “PC Guru” for a US Midwest Fortune 500 company, he directed a variety of corporate development initiatives over a 17 year period. Bill then managed a technical training company before starting his own consulting practice in 2001, specializing in website development, marketing, and search engine optimization. If you are interested in learning more about how Bill can ...

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