10 Things That Hurt Your Search Engine Rankings

What Hurts Your Search Engine Ranking? Lets Find Out...

The engineers at our SEO firm have done tests on sites that they have built to really put SEO Website Design to the test and reach the boundaries of what helps and hurts Search Engine Optimization.

10. Having duplicate sites and wrong redirects (301 good, 302 bad)

9. Link Farms

8. Sharing links ( to many reciprocal links)

7. To many keywords in your meta tags or on the page(aka:keyword stuffing)

6. Duplicate Content

5. Sites made entirely of images and image text

4. Not Enough unique content

3. Non-unique meta data on each page

2. Improper linking strategies

1. Sites that are mainly built with FLASH

All these things hurt your search engine optimization and your rankings and could get you banned from the search engines. At Blue Wave design Studio we use only white hat tactics with SEO when doing your SEO website design and Marketing your website.


I started this company after seeing a gap between the large SEO Firms that lacked in design ability and the traditional advertising agencies that have the design capabilities yet they lacked in SEO Web Design knowledge. We are here to bring the two worlds together. We have some of the best forward thinking SEO web design experts in the industry, and some of the top programmers and designers to build what you envision.

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