Defining Success Metrics for Corporate Blogs

I was recently asked to help someone define success metrics for a corporate blog. I thought this was such a great topic that I'd share my answer with a wider audience.

Many of the success metrics for blogs are similar to those that might apply to a Website, since blogs are a variation on a Website.

These 'shared' success metrics include:

Blog/Website Traffic

* Unique Visitors

* Unique Visits

* Repeat Visits

* Page Views

* Page Views per Visit

* Average Time Spent on site

Blog/Website Brand/Content Interactions

* Content Page Views

* Content % of Page Views

Blog/Website Responses (if applicable)

* Number of Desired Responses

* Conversion Rate from site visitor to Desired Response

* Cost-Per-Desired Response

In addition to the above 'shared' success metrics, there are a number of success metrics that are specific to the unique nature of blogs.

These blog-specific success metrics include:

* Number of Subscribers to the blog's RSS Feed

* Number of Overall Inbound Links to the blog

* Number of other Blogs that Link to the blog

* Number of Comments Submitted to the blog

* Number of Trackbacks Submitted to our blog

Not all of these success metrics will apply in every case, however these are some of the more common ones.


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